Native Buttonbush – How to Sow, Grow and Care for this Magical, Marginal, Pollinator Plant

Native Buttonbush or Cephalanthus occidentalis is a wonderful pollinator plant for any garden, the hardy shrub needs very little aftercare as long as certain criteria are met.

Often included as the structural part of a rain garden planting design, the shrubby plant is a long flowering woody perennial that reaches over 6ft if left unpruned.

If you are planning a rain-garden, ditch or bio-detention pool then growing this magical, marginal, pollinator plant will make a perfect addition providing screening and season-long interest for your garden.

Fun and robust a buttonbush makes a great addition to any rain garden or bio-swale and can be pruned after flowering to keep in shape.

Creates a rounded bush with dense multi-branched stems covered with button ball sized fragrant flowers in Summer.

If you have a eco-friendly retention pool, stream or water retentive area of your garden, this shrub will provide support, habitat and food for garden birds.

Magical attracting a whole host of butterflies and moths this marginal shrub looks great under-planted with iris and carex grasses.

Easily raised from seed this native pollinator plant should be a feature plant of any pool or stream, it is also often used to minimize loss of shoreline or river-banks due to erosion.

Sow seeds direct or in a cold frame or unheated plastic tunnel, keep the seeds moist but not to wet to encouarge germination.

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