🌱  Our Green Planet is facing a crisis and demands immediate action to restore its natural balance.

🌻 Embracing native plants can be a vital step toward healing the Planet.

🌱 Native plants once clothed our communities in a protective, localized living blanket.

🌻 In the face of invasive plant species and the challenges of global warming, native plants need your help.

🌱 By creating native habitats, we can manage a sustainable source of food and building materials for all living things.

🌻 Support local growers cultivating eco-regional, affordable native plants.

🌱  Witness the inspiring efforts of the first state, Delaware, in fighting back against these challenges.

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“Grow a Wildlife-Friendly Home – Naturally”

Native Plants Protected Our Communities in a Blanket.

Native plants have deep historical roots in the regions they inhabit. For centuries, they coexisted with indigenous communities, fostering a delicate balance between humans and the environment.

Native plant species are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also play crucial ecological roles, that support the Planets Eco-system.

Their deep-rooted systems helped prevent soil erosion, mitigated the impacts of extreme weather events, and acted as natural filters, purifying the air and water
Geum triflorum, commonly known as Prairie Smoke, is a distinctive herbaceous perennial native to North America. This plant is celebrated for its unique, nodding flowers that resemble puffs of smoke.
echinacea coneflower
Native Plant Profile: Four Echinacea Coneflower.

Echinacea coneflower is believed to help through poverty, invite prosperity and healing. Generations have used Echinacea for medical treatment for all types of ailments and are a popular ingredient in many health tonics.

Fill your garden with wildlife by growing these purple, pink, or white pollinator magnet perennials that also attract butterflies and Hummingbirds.

Long-lasting ornamental seed heads also attract goldfinches and bluebirds whilst adding 5th season interest to your garden.
Coastal Witch Alder is a deciduous shrub renowned for its fragrant, bottlebrush-like flowers and stunning fall foliage. It typically grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet, with a similar spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of starting a garden or looking to learn some new ecologically friendly techniques to apply to your own garden? 

Native plants are slowly becoming widely available, if you do not have a local grower specialising in native plants then look for an online plant seller in your state. Alternatively grow your own from seed.

Growing native plants is much easier than growing tropicals and annuals. Start  with the basic’s, it is important to decide early on how much time you have available to garden.

Create a plan setting a few hours asdide each week or each day to get outdoors and garden. A walk through the neighbor hood can be inspirations.

Identify the things your friends and family are doing well and make a plan to incorporate new ideas to your own gardens development.

Start with a few simple crops and flowers, cash crops are easy, fast growing vegetables raised from seed that will provide a harvest in just a few weeks.

Choose good starter plants that germinate quickly and need little care and attention, these will grow to be your go to crops and great for  intercropping between rows of slower growing vegetables..

Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource it is also easy to find conflicting information.

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Our Green Planet is in crisis - Time to restore natural balance.

Planting eco-regional native habitats help provide food, herbal remedies, and building materials for all of life's creatures. I believe in local growers, growing affordable native plants.

Invite Wildlife Home with a Pollinator Friendly Garden.

“Experience the Delight of Growing and Caring for Plants: A Simple Path to Self-Care and Therapy at Home.

Seed sowing can be as effortless as starting a few seeds or as elaborate as crafting an intricate planting plan.

How will you embark on this rewarding journey?”


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