iGrowHort-icultural Gardening Home School

We invite you to start gardening at home, or school, and learn to grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables from seed at home-school to feed and fend your Family and Friends with natures bounty. 

Gardening at home or school is much more than just a modern day fad, it pre-dates any war and helps us feed families, and develop strong communities, all contributing towards critical plant-based, planet saving activities, and yet it remains under-paid, over-looked and the first to go in a recession.

 As a community we have lost many of these land-based gardening home skills, growing your own food, cooking home-grown produce, and even exploring plant-based apothecary at home. 

If like me you are interested in reviving these plant-based traditions, fighting against urbanization and ready to start learning to grow at home to grow plants naturally and create wildlife habitats today?

Then it’s time to ‘Viva Nature’ and join a growing revolution, sign up below if you want to enjoy fresh, produce, fruit, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Plus invite a birds, bees, butterflies, even the odd Hummingbird and heaps of benefical insects to share in your horticultural harvests.

“Viva Nature!”

Why Grow Your Own At Home?

Select from the topics below to help find your path to growing success.

Choosing Plants

Critical right plant for the right place strategy for any garden.

Buying Supplies Online

How to buy plants and supplies for your gardening needs online.

Germination Advice

Ten tips to germinating fruit, flower, and veggie seeds at home.

Managing Your Garden

How to plan a productive garden for a twelve month harvest.

Top Gardening Home School Guides

Reasons to grow at home
Must Have Edible Flowers​
Milkweed species for Monarchs​
Hummingbird Friendly Plants​
gardening home school
Essential Gardening Home School Tools
Reading Material

Students need access to great gardening books. Try our recommended reading material online or download pdf guides.

Quality Tools

Investing a few extra $$ on tried and tested brands will ensure longevity from your quality gardening tools.

Outdoor Wear

Managing a garden demands persistence whatever the weather. I have made shopping easier with my handy reviews.

Daily Operations

Maintaining a daily log, is an essential part of recording operations for reference and recolection for years to come.


In a World of mass production and excessive waste, taking time to evaluate, reduce and recycle is critical.

Personal Care

A healthy lifestyle requires balance, planning for the future and working outdoors amongst nature helps us with mindfulness.

Easy to Grow Top Selling Seeds.

Seeds for Every Gardener looking to Encourage Wildlife at Home.

Small Fruiting trees are highly sort after, particularly where space is limited and whilst a number of fruiting cherry tree varieties exist, this compact tree provides shade and shelter for neighborhood wildlife.
Butterfly or swamp milkweed grows in mesic soils that drain freely but do not dry out. Growing 2-4ft high butterfly milkweed tops off with lavender pink flowers and attracts a lot of pollinator interest in flower.
Dinner plate Hibiscus flowers are loved by Bees and Hummingbirds this Heat Tolerant bushy perennial dies back to ground level after a hard frost and can be easily cleaned up by cutting back the dry brittle stems.
Spider flower is a fine example of an easy to grow annual that you can direct sow or start on a windowsill indoors to fill those gaps and extend your gardens flowering season right through Summer into Fall.
Enjoy Wildlife Together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of starting a garden or looking to learn some new ecologically friendly techniques to apply to your own garden? 

Gardening is incredibly rewarding, it enriches the mind, influences calm and helps the body connect with nature.

If a hectic work/family life leaves you washed out? Then setting some time aside to garden may be, just the therapy you need.

Start with the basic’s, it is important to decide how much time you have available to garden.

Create a plan setting a few hours asdide each week or each day to get outdoors and garden. A walk through the neighbor hood can be inspirations.

Identify the things your friends and family are doing well and make a plan to incorporate new ideas to your own gardens development.

Start with a few simple crops and flowers, cash crops are easy, fast growing vegetables raised from seed that will provide a harvest in just a few weeks.

Choose good starter plants that germinate quickly and need little care and attention, these will grow to be your go to crops and great for  intercropping between rows of slower growing vegetables..

Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource it is also easy to find conflicting information.

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Invite Wildlife Home with a Pollinator Friendly Garden Plan.

Growing and caring from plants is one of the simplest forms of self-care and therapy at home. Seed sowing can be as simple as casting a few inexpensive seed bombs to a full intricate planting plan… How will you start?


Join a Growing Revolution – Sign Up – Free Garden Pollinator Plans.