🐞 Our Green Planet is in crisis – Time to restore natural balance. 


🐝  A return to native plants will help us heal the World. 


🐞 Native plants belong and once clothed the planet in a localized protective living blanket.


🐝 Native plants need our help against invasive species and global warming. 


🐞 Planting native habitats help provide food, and building materials for all of life’s creatures.


🐝 I believe in local growers, growing eco-regional, affordable native plants.  


🐞  See here how the first state of Delaware is fighting back. Read more…

Seed packs for Every Gardener looking to Encourage Wildlife Home.

Joe Pye Weed Seeds

Butterfly Garden - Five Pack Native Flowers – Natures Gift.

Attract pollinators to a garden, a collection of 5 perennial flowers to grow from seed, for yourself, a friend, or family. Flowers are the best way to invite wildlife and butterflies to your garden! Time to fill it with lots and lots of colorful native annual and perennial flowers.

Hummingbird Garden - Five Pack Flower Seed Collection.

Pollinator Garden Seed Mix – 5 Perennial Flowers to grow at home, at school or at work. Invite hummingbirds to your garden is to fill it with lots and lots of colorful annual and perennial flowers. These small birds are lovingly referred to as hummers and are particularly fond of the bright colors.
echinacea coneflower

Rain Garden - Five Packs of Native Seed - Wildlife Collection

Rain gardens or moist sites need plants that that have fine water filtering roots, and can thrive in damp conditions. Native plants are a great way to add long-season flowering perennials to your garden pool, ditch, rain run off or storm water areas.
lavender hyssop

Bee Garden - Native Wild Flower Seed 5 Pack Collection.

Help our endangered native bee population by planting a diverse range of long-season flowering perennials to support our threatened pollinating population. Natives bees do not swarm and need native flowering plants and nesting habitat to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of starting a garden or looking to learn some new ecologically friendly techniques to apply to your own garden? 

Native plants are slowly becoming widely available, if you do not have a local grower specialising in native plants then look for an online plant seller in your state. Alternatively grow your own from seed.

Growing native plants is much easier than growing tropicals and annuals. Start  with the basic’s, it is important to decide early on how much time you have available to garden.

Create a plan setting a few hours asdide each week or each day to get outdoors and garden. A walk through the neighbor hood can be inspirations.

Identify the things your friends and family are doing well and make a plan to incorporate new ideas to your own gardens development.

Start with a few simple crops and flowers, cash crops are easy, fast growing vegetables raised from seed that will provide a harvest in just a few weeks.

Choose good starter plants that germinate quickly and need little care and attention, these will grow to be your go to crops and great for  intercropping between rows of slower growing vegetables..

Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource it is also easy to find conflicting information.

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Our Green Planet is in crisis - Time to restore natural balance.

Planting eco-regional native habitats help provide food, herbal remedies, and building materials for all of life's creatures. I believe in local growers, growing affordable native plants.

Invite Wildlife Home with a Pollinator Friendly Garden.

Growing and caring from plants is one of the simplest forms of self-care and therapy at home. Seed sowing can be as simple as casting a few inexpensive seed bombs to a full intricate planting plan… How will you start?