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Gardening Jobs

Gardening Jobs a Perfect Career at Any Age

There is a lot more to gardening jobs than just growing or caring for your houseplants, flowers, and vegetables. A gardening hobby or career in the Horticultural industry is diverse and rewarding with many sectors offering career development and managerial roles at any age.

I selected amenity horticulture early, wanting to design, maintain, and develop gardens rather than grow plants or manage landscapes commercially.

Gardening jobs can also be a rewarding hobby, a healthy distraction from everyday life, gardening helps you stay grounded, in touch with nature and the changing elements of the seasons. Encouraging friends, family, and kids to understand the garden to the kitchen table process and take part in every aspect of growing to cook, including doing the dishes!

I knew at a very young age that farm life or commercial horticulture was not for me! But I did develop a keen interest in all plants, gardening jobs, nature, and wildlife thanks to a childhood as a land steward.

Land-based jobs at home were a way of life for me, raised on a small dairy and arable farm in Mid Wales, and self-sufficiency gave me plenty of opportunities to learn how to take care of myself at a young age. Growing up in such rural surroundings also gave me the chance to explore the great outdoors and learn to cherish Mother Nature.

I suggest spending at least an hour a day tending to your gardening jobs every day. Remember to look up at the sky every morning, particularly as the dawn breaks or as the clouds roll in. A walk around the garden as you prepare for work, enjoy a coffee, or a smoothie, or however, you choose a healthy start to your day! 

Look up! Deep breaths, take time to see the beauty in the morning sky, a new day awaits, the birds are far too cheerful for dawn but it’s nature’s alarm clock, letting sleeping animals know that the morning begins. It’s time to begin the hunt for food, sex, or money depending on where you land on the scale, probably all three.

Today with a passion for plants, native and ornamental, I look to establish environmentally sound techniques for gardening, growing, and helping people re-connect with nature. An interest in ecology developed during these influential years addressing sustainable opportunities as part of my career.

Unfortunately, there are still sectors of the horticultural industry that are undervalued, and underpaid and leave the gardener with little or no financial security or benefits. Perennial a UK-based organization helps people in horticulture and gardeners with life’s challenges, including health and wellness, housing, and financial difficulties.

Books I recommend

Numerous positions in international locations have meant I have had the chance to meet candidates as they apply for various positions. I recall that have had the pleasure of interviewing hopeful candidates from various career backgrounds and communities.

School leavers, graduates, career changers, teachers, accountants, roofers, and mechanics to name just a few of the various career paths that applicants I have met through either interviewing or during horticultural events. 

Having the opportunity to share my experiences with others who have a keen interest, in Gardening reminds me how fortunate I have been to have such great mentors throughout my horticultural career, spanning over 34 years.

My blog has developed over the years and today I am utilizing igrowhort to offer support and professional garden advice for free. I aim to encourage as many people as possible to start gardening! In just a few simple steps you can decide to invite plants into your life. 

I began a blog to grow, educate, and inform, I write articles and reviews for the horticultural press and enjoy sharing my passion for gardening. I hope you enjoy my articles and consider bookmarking my site for future reading. 

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