Live a Balanced Life with Sustainable Gardening

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Love Native Plants

Learn from Nature

Live Sustainably.

Join an enriching journey toward becoming a master at sustainable gardening. Explore the journey and learn to love the beauty of native plants.

The best part? You can enjoy the entire experience of learning and growing from the comfort of your own home, all while exploring the wonders of nature and its miracles. Bring forth the magic in nature’s garden and learn how to cultivate sustainable, budget- and Eco-friendly gardening practices.

Together, we can embark on an exciting adventure through sustainable gardening. A journey that will enable us to create a better future for our communities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow with me and tap into the true potential of sustainable gardening.

Let’s embark on this unique journey together and discover all of the beautiful things nature offers us. Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Starting from Seed

How to grow from seed
Inexpensive set up
Time consuming aftercare

Choosing right Plants

Choose 85% natives
Right plant, right place
Low maintenance meadows

Homegrown Ecosystem

Fruting forest
Abundant in wildlife
Natural balance

We offer practical garden advice, support, and growing tips, that you can incorporate into your daily routines.

Using these easy-to-follow guides you will be able to advocate native plants and begin Eco-garden consultations in no time.

Chemical Free

Reduce and work to remove toxic chemical use in all gardens.


Nature provides the solutions as we identify the problem.


Reducing your carbon footprint is a critical part of self-care.

Right for You

A garden is personal, tailored to your families growing needs.

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Becoming a Gardener you accept Gardening as a lifetime commitment to nature. Let me know how I can help..

There is not a single day that goes by when gardening isn’t in my everyday thoughts.

I live and breathe it, I share it with everyone I meet, and if you choose to sign up below.

We will soon be sharing our love for gardening together.