Growing Native Plants at Home

 Growing Native Plants at Home

 Growing Native Plants at Home

 Growing Native Plants at Home – There’s never been a better time to grow native, with an engaged online presence the desire to grow native wild-flowers at home has never been stronger.

Native plants simply belong and once clothed the planet in a localized protective blanket. I believe if we all grow more native plants, we will no longer be influenced by commercial growers, encouraging us to buy alien plants from all over the World.  

A return to native plants that will help us heal the World, fight back invasive plants and pests, remove toxins and pollutants from our air, soil and water. Native plants can protect our threatened wildlife, provide food, herbal remedies and building materials in time of recession. 

Select native plants that are regionally adapted to the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. Selecting native plants that have a similar eco-region to the area you garden, will further enable success when planting natives. 

Choosing native plants enables you to select plants to grow in a fruiting forest or wildflower at home, where pests and beneficial insects co-exist and harmony prevails. Many native plants provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, birds, and wildlife.

A healthy eco-system has native, plants where leaves are eaten, plant material is left-standing, and dry leaves are left to provide winter protection for plants and dormant insects and wildlife. Wildflower meadows provide wildlife habitat through many seasons providing shelter and food for beneficial wildlife. 

Deep roots of native plants, trees, and shrubs help to filter pollutants from stormwater and improve a soil’s ability to absorb water, while the plants require water to grow and absorb excess water through fine surface roots that also help reduce surface-water flooding.

Native plants are cost-effective and sustainable because they do not need fertilizers or chemical treatments, they also require less watering and help combat soil erosion, whilst reducing stormwater impact. Native plants are practical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, helping us all get closer to nature and appreciate life’s natural balance.

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