Five Native Starter Plants a Valuable Nectar Source for Pollinators


Five Native Starter Plants a Valuable Nectar Source for Pollinators only $20 and for a limited time free shipping

Buy now these sell fast, easy-to-grow native plants for your garden beds, balcony, or deck planters.

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Experience the splendor of nature’s embrace with our curated selection of five native starter plants, carefully chosen to ignite the vibrant bloom of your wildflower collection. Allow these botanical marvels to grace your landscape, bringing forth a tapestry of colors and scents that will enrapture both heart and soul.

1. Behold the Blanket Flower, known by its scientific name Gaillardia aristata, a testament to grace and resilience. Its radiant petals, akin to a vibrant tapestry, will effortlessly adorn your garden.

2. Discover the enchanting Spotted Bee Balm, gracefully named Monarda punctata. With its delicate presence and dappled blooms, it attracts the gentle whispers of bees and butterflies, fostering a harmonious dance amidst the blossoms.

3. Let the regal Giant Coneflower, bestowed with the name Rudbeckia maxima, stand tall amidst your horticultural tableau. It’s majestic stature and golden petals will command attention, illuminating the landscape with its natural splendor.

4. The White Beardtongue, Penstemon tubaeflorus, whispers tales of serenity and purity with its pristine blossoms. Delicately accentuating the canvas of your garden, it offers a tranquil respite amidst the vibrant hues.

5. Embrace the Mountain Mint, known as Pycanthemum muticum, a verdant treasure nestled in the hills. Its fragrant leaves release a cool breeze of minty freshness, inviting you to savor the delicate balance between nature’s tranquility and exuberance. Whether you seek a singular essence or desire to immerse your surroundings in a multitude of natural wonders, we offer the option to procure one of each, or, for those with grand aspirations, multiply to grace larger expanses.

For alternative quantities or a bespoke selection, kindly extend a message to us, and we shall attend to your preferences with utmost care. Rest assured, our plants are in landscape plugs or 4.5″ pots, prepared with the utmost precision, ensuring optimal growth. In order to facilitate safe transportation, we delicately remove the soil from the plant roots, and in certain instances, trim the leaves or stems.

Fear not, for once planted or potted and nourished with ample water, their resplendent foliage shall swiftly regenerate, breathing life into their new abode. Upon their arrival, be sure to provide a generous watering, and nurturing of their tender souls as they embark on their journey of growth. Consider potting them to allow for further development, or plant them directly in a meticulously prepared bed, which shall serve as their verdant sanctuary. Do bear in mind the importance of regular watering during the first year and, particularly in times of drought, to ensure their continued vitality. In dry and warm climates, it is often imperative to sustain their well-being throughout the winter months with careful watering.

Embrace the beauty of these native starter plants, and witness how they transform your garden into an idyllic haven, where nature’s symphony flourishes and captivates the senses.


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