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The Daily Detox – Healthy Living Starts with Seeds

Did you know that adopting a daily detox can rid your body of hard metals and toxins naturally?

Choosing a healthy balanced diet that includes growing and preparing fresh, locally sourced, community-grown edible, flowers, seeds, grain, fruit, shoots, and roots is much more rewarding than a fad detox.

In-fact I learned that a healthy dose of fiber (up to 32 grams for men) is essential to regular bodily functions, and these high profile juice detox fads are making people sick, they are harmful and damaging, as the liver dumps toxins back into GI Tract causing the body to re-digest toxins back into the bloodstream for a second time.

Fiber from a well-balanced diet of fresh, fruit and vegetables, helps to ensure the body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to remain healthy whilst eliminating toxins from the body.

Did you know that these detox regimes based around juices and supplements can actually be bad for you?

Reliance on the convenience of processed and heavily contaminated foods overloads our body with these dangerous toxins, managing how you gradually detox is an important factor to control.

Every food type you eat should contribute towards a detox, a natural process to expel unwanted waste and minimse re-entry by making simple choices.

We are starting a daily detox at Home…

Committied to drinking more water – the source of life

Removing processed foods – replacing with whole foods over the next few months

Reduce sugars and artifical sweetners – no more creamer or faux maple syrup

Go fully plant-based – growing as much of our fresh produce at home, currently, that is not a lot, as our space is rather limited but we will start small as we have big plans. Healthy Living Starts with growing seeds at home.

In-fact a latest batch of sickness has left us both feeling washed out and questioning what we can do above our health, diet and energy levels pronto!

I read and research constantly often about Robert’s symptoms, Gardens, How to fix things, the usual need to know fascination with the internet.

A daily dose of good living is what’s needed right now, detoxing should be part of everyday foods, healthy choices over bad ones… time to use up and throw out those processed foods and find alternative health choices.

Today’s secret no-one else knows….

We are adding more fresh fruit, and vegetables to our daily diet! The convenience of ordering everything fresh and online makes healthy eating even easier, saving you more time to spend gardening growing seasonal fresh produce at a fraction of the cost. It is incredibly rewarding to preparing fresh meals at home from produce grown in the garden.

Do you think you could increase the amount of fruit and vegetables your family eat?

Let us know in the comments below, what would you be willing to give up…

I am ditching coffee pods and store bought Mac n Cheese!

What will you give up for more sustainable energy and what will you grow at home ?

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