Thankful for Songbirds and Sanctuary in a time of chaos.

I try not to think too much about the political juncture, we are facing, the Covid vaccine.

Instead of sleigh bells the dull-set tones of a failed presidential race and conspiracy chimes continue.

Riot clear up for all that’s left of functioning business as we pivot to ill-timed pre-Christmas lockdown regulations.

This gardener however has like many in the services industry preparing for another lockdown, worn masks, maintained cleanliness.

Grateful for Dr’s and Nurses but also for the work of janitorial, security and clerical staff that also keep our institutes functioning.

Keen Gardeners remain gleeful, having harvested a foray of preserved delights, pickled, plumed, and prospered, organized, nature’s stewards are well-prepared.

Farmers and gardeners grateful of night fall by this chilling time of year, remain optimistic for a new season. Thoughtful planning and rejuvenation leads the gardener through the darkest of winters.

Long nights brings the field workers to a short shift with Winter scolding land work to an abrupt end, hopeful that 2021 will provide better fortune.

Grateful for the harvest, thankful for future crops, spring flowers, a melody of songbirds searching for urban sanctuary in our City oasis.

What’s happening this week in the Garden?

Really thankful for the great weather this week, it really helped us crack on with the backyard space transformation.

It took a few years to accept the inevitable and remove the grape vine, full of deadwood, lantern-fly and entangled over a decaying makeshift arch.

Maximizing sq ft is the plan, utilizing the perimeter fences and allowing more direct sunlight.

Plus since we re-homed an energetic young dog we needed a pet proof City garden space we could also use.

Follow us on Instagram as our Fall plans bring big changes as we install a Eco-garden-system.

A sneak preview of progress…. I will be sharing more details each week!

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