Rain Garden Seed Mix 1 – Five Packs of Perennial Wildflower Seeds – Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Bugs and Birds


Butterfly Garden Flower Seed Mix 1

A great way to attract pollinators to a garden, the gift of 5 perennial flowers seed, for yourself, a friend, or family. A Gift of Flowers – A Natural Gift. The best way to invite wildlife and butterflies to your garden is to fill it with lots and lots of colorful annual and perennial flowers.


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Rain Garden Seed Mix 1 – Five Packs of Perennial Wildflower Seeds – Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Bugs and Birds


Rain Garden or Retention Pond Seed Collection a great way to add long-season flowering perennials to your garden ditch, rain run off or stormwater areas.

Five or Ten Packs of Perennial Wildflower Seeds – Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Bugs, and Birds

Invite Essential Pollinators with our seed mix and easy to follow pollinator plans link will be provided.

Rain Garden Seed Mix for mesic or moist soil select x5 Perennial Herbaceous collections below or buy both!

Rain Garden Mix 1: Full Sun – Mesic/Moist

Eupatorium – Joe Pye Weed
Ageratum – Blue Mist
Coreopsis – Golden tickseed
Solidago – Goldenrod
Asclepias – Swamp Milkweed

Or see listing for Rain Garden Mix 2: Full Sun – Mesic/Moist

Hibiscus Luna – Swamp Hibiscus
Echinacea purpurea – Coneflower
Baptisia australis – False Indigo
Cephalanthus – Button Bush
Asclepias syrica – Rose Milkweed

Rain garden planting plan available that includes all Ten of the plants listed above igrowhort.com/rain-garden-planting-plan

Easy to grow rain garden seed mix will provide many seasons of color and 3d wildlife attracted to your friend’s garden, plants, or pots.

SOWING TIPS: Average of 25-50+ seeds per pack multiple quantities available.

Direct sow seeds in fall and allow seeds to naturally cold stratify. When starting seeds indoors, sow finely and barely cover seeds with soil. I recommend sowing these seeds, direct in Fall on a prepared seedbed or garden container, water well, and protect from winter weather with a fabric fleece if some seeds germinate early.

1) Sow direct in a prepared seedbed
2) Cold frame sheltered location outdoors
3) Under lights
4) Bright windowsill

I like to grow in pots this way you can break dormancy, simply by moving the pots around and most seeds germinate in batches, care must be taken when picking out to avoid disturbing emerging seedlings.

Pot young plants on until large enough to plant out, this native plant mix prefers poor soil in full sun.

Alternatively use the following techniques to improve germination
FINE SEEDS MOIST STRATIFICATION will help seed germination~ to do so, place seeds in moist sand or peat in the refrigerator for about 6 weeks prior to planting. Keep the medium and seeds in a sealed ziplock baggie to hold in moisture. Remove them after the stratification period, and plant them in the seed mix or.

LARGE SEEDS HOT WATER SCARIFYING can be used to speed up the germination process, simple drop the seeds into pre-boiled water that has chilled for 30 seconds allow them to soak for 24hrs before sowing.

Keep soil moist, not wet. At the end of the cold stratification, keep pots covered and place them in a warm, sunny location. Remove zip-lock bag as seedlings appear.

Easy to grow sow seed and inert mixer, direct where you would like them to flower, in Fall or Early Spring, or start in small pots on a window sill several weeks before the last frost in your area.

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