Lanceleaf Coreopsis lanceolata a Golden Sea of Flowers


Coreopsis should be one of the first native seeds on your must-have plant list, great for beginners and reliable for a great Summers floral display.

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Coreopsis lanceolata – Golden Tickseed 

Fields of golden flowers appear across large areas of North America in late Spring, the arrival of Lanceleaf Coreopsis blooms adds a yellow hue to the landscape.

Grown direct from seed sown in fall the coreopsis seeds are ready to germinate as weather and growing conditions improve. 

Coreopsis performs well in a garden or wild meadow setting, producing masses of golden-yellow flowers with a red-tinged center. 

Lance shaped leaves create a lush background to the abundant blooms.

Adaptable to moist or dry conditions the golden tickseed as it is commonly known continues flowering until the first frost if dead-headed often or will self-seed freely.

Loved by nectar hungry pollinators the cheerful flower of Coreopsis is best sown directly where it is to flower. 

Best results are achieved if fall sowed giving the seeds a natural stratification, to aid germination and improve overall results including plant health.

Coreopsis should be one of the first native seeds on your must-have plant list, great for beginners and reliable for a great Summers floral display. 

Native Pollinators:

Popular with an array of pollinators, particularly butterflies and bees, and plentiful seed for fall birds.

Harvested from my own pollinator-friendly plants these sun-loving lanceleaf coreopsis make a cheerful addition to any butterfly or wildflower garden.

Thriving on poor soils in full sun, on the prairie, or at home in the cottage garden, plant with Rudbeckia, Solidago, and Grasses.

We hand collect and clean our seeds all freshly collected in 2020 seeds, seed may contain some natural chaff or seed parasols depending on the difficulty level of seed cleaning, we leave plenty for the birds. 

Seed Storage and Sowing:

Once you receive your seeds best kept refrigerated for 4 or more weeks (unless Fall sowing) to help break seed dormancy and keep fresh for seasonally appropriate sowing.

Easy to grow, sow seeds direct where you would like them to flower.

Sow outdoors in Fall or Early Spring and keep the seeds moist until after a few weeks after germination. 

Seed pack quantity minimum of 50 hand-collected seeds see other listings for larger seed quantities 

Seed counts are approx. and often way over! 

We germinate all our own seeds, sell plug plants, and propagation material.

Link to full growing instructions will be included.


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