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Digitalis purpurea Mix Foxglove is a shade loving short-lived perennial that adds a little magick to every garden, easily grown from seed free shipping

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Digitalis purpurea Mix Foxglove is a delightful cottage garden short-lived perennial that seeds themselves freely prefer shade at the hottest part of the day, well-suited to a woodland edge.

Towering stems of spotted bell-shaped mixed color flowers adorn these Spring-time turrets rising above a mass of hairy green foliage that supports these tall flowering stems.

Foxgloves are a welcome sight in mid-late Spring providing essential nectar for early-season pollinators, hummingbirds, bees, and moths.

Seed raised from my own pollinator-friendly plants these colorful spires are a welcome site Spring and occasional a second flush in fall depending on your zone.

A short-lived perennial that sets seeds readily, grow in large numbers for a dramatic display of flowering stems.

Thriving on poor or amended soils the foxgloves compete with early-season grasses and can be found growing happily on the prairie or at home in the cottage garden.

Prefers some shade from the heat of the day and moisture-retentive soil will improve performance and flower longevity.

Popular with an array of pollinators, particularly bees hunting for that early-season nectar.

SOWING TIPS: Average of 100+ fine seeds per pack multiple quantities available.

I recommend sowing these seeds, direct on a prepared seedbed or garden container, water well, and protect from winter weather with a fabric fleece if some seeds germinate early.

1) Sow direct in a prepared seedbed in Fall or Early Spring
2) Sow garden seeds fall or Spring in small pots keep protected in a cold frame sheltered location outdoors
3) Under lights anytime consider where you grow them until they can go outdoors
4) Starting seeds on a bright windowsill with in-direct sunshine can work well for germinating garden seeds

I like to grow 1/2 of my seeds in pots this way you can break dormancy, simply by moving the pots around and most seeds germinate in batches, care must be taken when picking out to avoid disturbing emerging seedlings.

I like to grow in pots this way you can break dormancy, simply by moving the pots around and most seeds germinate in batches, care must be taken when picking out to avoid disturbing emerging seedlings.

Pot young plants on until large enough to plant out, this cottage garden plant mix prefers poor soil in full sun.

Alternatively use the following techniques to improve germination

MOIST STRATIFICATION will help seed germination~ to do so, place seeds in moist sand or peat in the refrigerator for about 6 weeks prior to planting. Keep the medium and seeds in a sealed ziplock baggie to hold in moisture. Remove them after the stratification period, and plant them in the seed mix or.

HOT WATER SCARIFYING may be tricky with these fine seeds can be used to speed up the germination process, simply drop the seeds into pre-boiled water that has chilled for 30 seconds allow them to soak for 24hrs before sowing.

Keep soil moist, not wet. At the end of the cold stratification, keep pots covered and place them in a warm, sunny location. Remove zip-lock bag as seedlings appear.

Easy to grow sow seed and inert mixer, direct where you would like them to flower, in Fall or Early Spring, or start in small pots on a window sill several weeks before the last frost in your area.


We ship small orders in regular first-class letter envelopes without tracking to provide you with free shipping.
*If you order 4 or more seed items, order larger-sized seeds, or large volumes of one seed type, I will send in a large envelope with tracking automatically with the free shipping option.

*If you do not receive your seed order within 14 days of the date you ordered, contact me, and I’ll resend your order. No refunds or accept returns on seeds, but I will most certainly resend an order that does not show up.

All plants are grown on our property and we enjoy sharing the fruits of our labor with our friends here on Etsy – Every order is a blessing, and we want all of our fantastic buyers to be 100% happy with their purchase. So contact us ASAP if you aren’t (for any reason) thrilled with your order.

Additional Support:

Grow from seed >> link included.

Please note: We do not send specific germinating tips with each order. If you need more information or growing advice please get in touch. We are here to help you grow!

Happy and Blessed Growing!!!!

Bob and Stephen


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