Powis Castle – National Trust Apprenticeship



I have very fond memories of my time spent training in the grounds and gardens of Powis castle. I recall being keen to work on the terraced borders and glasshouses in favour of lawn care and grass cutting much to the annoyance of the then Head Gardener and my mentor “Jimmy Hancock”. A truly magnificent gardener who I had the pleasure to install in me some great gardening principles and disciplines that remain with me to this day.
Having a world famous Garden at my feet at just 16 years old and straight from school, I was thrilled to have found a subject, that soon was to become a life long a valuable career in Horticulture.
Hand on heart, I can honestly say that it was the years of training and Head Gardener road trips to other National Trust properties throughout the UK that provided me the tools and enthusiasm required to pursue a rewarding career in Horticulture.
Almost 30 years later as Estate Manager and Head Gardener for the private sector, I still hold dearly my time spent as a National Trust apprentice and hope that my experience shared, is in some small way my re-payment for the kindest, support and mentorship that was offered me, all those years ago.

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The National Trust and the team of gardener’s at Powis Castle gave me a magnificent start to a career filled with a passion for learning, a love of life and desire to grow.

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powis castle


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