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Managing your own, home, garden and outdoor space can be challenging when you decide to devote time to gardening you are taking on extra commitment and for most of us that means later in life as our career flattens or by choosing gardening as a career.

 Gardening can mean many things to many different people, we can choose to grow fresh vegetable and produce. Choosing a plant-based living will transform your health, wealth, and well-being by treating what you eat as a daily detox

When selecting native plants and flowers to grow at home try growuing what you eat and increase the quantity of fruit, vegetables, and organic produce you grow amongst your  trees, shrubs and perennials, leafy vegetables like Swiss Chard and Kale make great additions to the garden border and can be harvested gradually as you need them. 

Adding a few extra home-grown vegetables to your families diet can help transform your family’s health. Balance is the key, and far too often, our busy lives prevent us from making healthy plant-based choices, instead choosing processed foods that are, making us sick.

Choose to grow a fruiting forest with native plants with edible flowers and berries, nuts, roots, select your edible flowers, fruit, vegetables for use at home. Add fresh herbs to the mix helps to reduce the family grocery bills by growing plant-based at home. 

Simply by growing fresh seasonal produce amongst native trees and shrubs at home, you can save money. The adventure that is growing plants at home is a great way to benefit from the increased awareness of your surroundings, the interactive wildlife, birds, and bees, and an abundance of fresh vegetables in your home landscape, diet, and lifestyle.


Starting from Seed

How to grow from seed
Inexpensive set up
Time consuming aftercare

Choosing right Plants

Choose 85% natives
Right plant, right place
Low maintenance meadows

Homegrown Ecosystem

Fruting forest
Abundant in wildlife
Natural balance

International Director of Horticulture. Garden Writer and Guest Speaker.

I always wanted to be a teacher. I had not realized that my school would be a garden and my students guests and volunteers.

It took a life-changing pandemic to make it a reality. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn together.

My students and followers are from all over the World my garden experiences are international.

Join us on a journey an opportunity to learn about growing, native and garden plants on a budget.

Stephen offers practical garden advice, support and growings tips, that you can oncorporate into your daily routines.

Following Stephen’s easy to follow guides you will have a productive family wildlife garden in no time.

Chemical Free

Reduce and work to remove toxic chemical use in all gardens.


Nature provides the solutions as we identify the problem.


Reducing your carbon footprint is a critical part of self-care.

Right for You

A garden is personal, tailored to your families growing needs.

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