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Lavender Hyssop – How to Sow, Grow and Enjoy Agastache 3 Adorable Native Wild Flower Herb Garden Pollinators

Lavender Hyssop Agastache Native Wild Flower Herb Garden Pollinator Plants to Grow at Home

Agastache Lavender Hyssop a native wildflower, at home in the herb garden and known as one of the top ten native pollinator plants to grow from seed at home.

Fill your garden with wildlife by growing these anise-scented pollinator magnet perennials that also attract the American Goldfinch and Hummingbirds.

I have grown lavender hyssop Agastache in multiple locations, from full sun parterre garden to prairie meadow, a very diverse plant that takes glory in the Summer and provides long seasonal interest.
Grow with Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Asters, and Solidago for a fun-packed border of seasonal interest height and a fall to a winter wonderland of seed-heads and visiting wildlife.

“Lavender Hyssop Agastache are sturdy, fun and rewarding plants to have around”

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My 3 Favorite Native Anise Hyssop:
Agastache foeniculum – Anise Hyssop or native American herb with mid-blue to dark purple flowers.

Agastache Mexicana – Mexican Giant Hyssop; A great aromatic herb, native to S. America and Mexico.
Agastache cana – Rosy-pink colored flowers known to attract Hummingbirds and pollinators with a candy scent
Propagating Agastache:

Agastache is either propagated by stem cuttings or grown from seed.
Start seeds indoors in late winter for transplanting outdoors in May after the last frost.
Use a quality seed compost and press the fine seeds onto the moist compost surface
Continue to mist and water from below to keep the compost moist.
Agastache is a perennial that needs two years to flower when grown from seeds.
Division keeps your plant vibrant and you can even share extra plants with friends
Growing Agastache:

Congratulations on choosing to grow lavender hyssop or Agastache, this is a greater starter plant for new gardeners and an old favorite for many.
Free draining full sun location preferred, however Agastache will tolerate light shade, would benefit from a recycled organic mulch in Spring to help improve moisture retention and Fall mulch to protect from winter weather.
Harvest fresh leaves for drying prior to flowering for great flavor, heavily aromatic leaves and stems stand upright for many months attracting wildlife and late fall interest.

Brightly colored lavender flower whorls around the stiff flower stems, spires of purple shades through blue, orange, and white. Great for flower arranging Agastache is rich in nectar, and natural mint oils help deter mosquitoes, and yet attracts beneficial pollinators Inviting the most amazing butterflies and hummingbirds to your scented garden.

I find growing plants from seed incredibly rewarding, even the smallest of outdoor garden areas can be a productive workout for all the family. Try thinking of your garden as a living kitchen and grow to love fresh flowers, organic fruit, and vegetables straight from your own backyard oasis.

Stephen Pryce-Lea

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