iGrowHort – A Head Gardener Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, in a Garden it’s Paradise
”  Stephen Pryce-Lea.



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Even as a toddler I loved to be outdoors, with my Red Wellies on I was ready for an adventure. Often helping Grandpa or splashing in puddles or hugging trees an adventurous love of nature that remains with me to this day.

Gardening has always been a way of life for me, it’s not that my parents were Gardeners in-fact, Farming was more their trade and whilst I knew at a very young age that life on a farm was not for me! I did, however, develop a passion for the great outdoors and country living. Read more about me journey below or Click Here for garden advice tips and blog posts.

I always loved to get my hands dirty! Photo taken for slides 1973.
I always loved to get my hands dirty! The photographs were taken from slides taken by my Grandfather back in 1973.

I could go as far to say that even to this day, I find big cities intimidating, not that, that has kept me from living in the big smoke or visiting some very large capital cities the World over. But to live in such a metropolis without an escape route scares me!

igrowhort - teaching the world to grow one seedling at a time
Featured in the local newspaper for top Horticultural student at Radbrook College, Shrewsbury for two years running in 1987-88.

Everyone has their niche, the one thing that makes them tick! For me, it is the land, the environment and its wildlife. Nature has always fascinated me, even as a young child I was fascinated with every living thing and that passion for Mother Earth and all its beauty remains with me to this day.

I blog to capture a moment a feeling, an essence of my inner self, tamed for all to see! Much of the reason I Garden. I can honestly say that Gardening for me is not about self-satisfaction, it is more about the reaction from the on-looker. The client, the visitor the novice gardener, who wants to learn. I believe I was born to teach, perhaps instruct would be a better term. 

Sharing my experiences with others who have an interest, a passion for Gardening reminds me how fortunate I have been to have such great mentors in my career.


The passion for teaching remains with me to this day and whilst we may not yet be able to predict the future, I can, however, look back on my colourful career in Horticulture and feel assured that whatever garden path I end up taking it is sure to be full of enlightenment and satisfaction of a life well-lived.


Putting the crystal ball aside in 2014 I landed my Dream job, you now what I mean the type of job that you don’t dread getting out of bed in the Morning for! A job that pushes you inspires you and challenges you to the core.

From an early age, I dreamed of having a Garden of my own to manage and run, a small team of dedicated staff and the resources to create a garden to be proud of. The reality of such a dream is much bigger than I could have ever of wished for and as I firmly establish myself in this challenging and all-absorbing role as Estate Manager and currently Head Gardener for a UHNWI prestigious family Estate in Cheshire.


I am extremely fortunate to be able to mentor train and develop potential horticulturists, helping them on the path to a fruitful career, some will move on to manage gardens of their own, others content with the day-to-day running of a managed garden. I have had many friends, students and work colleagues under my care and enjoy sharing my passion for Horticulture with each and every one of you.

Looking forward I want a larger audience to express and share my love of gardening with, how I do this is yet unclear and whilst my blog is certainly pointing me in the right direction, I desire so much more.

I guess blogging is a way of releasing that expression, as is the classes, guided tours and demonstrations that I organise. I may not be an academic, and whilst an honours degree would have been a worthy achievement, I have begun to realise that in my career development has surpassed that! As my experience and knowledge base continues to grow one thing for sure job satisfaction is guaranteed.

As the latest chapter closes and I prepare to say farewell to one of the finest gardens I have ever had the pleasure to work on, my journey is announcing me to a whole new World. My husbands home the City of “Brotherly Love” Philadelphia is my destination. I look forward to taking my Horticultural journalism to the streets and gardens of Philadelphia.


Well, that’s where I’m at right now and although I could never have predicted such an amazing opportunity, somehow, someway I feel guided towards this role. But don’t think for one moment I’m done this is far from the end I have huge aspirations and my desire to share with others gets stronger every day.

“Putting my passion, drive and enthusiasm for Horticulture to good use is paramount to me and if I can help ignite the desire to learn in others then I feel my life challenges will be fulfilled.”

Foraging for Fungi

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Stephen Pryce-Lea

Head Gardener and International Horticultural Consulatant




“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.


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