Grow Cleome Spider Flower Pastel Pink Summer Tropical Annual from Seed.

Grow Cleome Spider Flower Pastel Pink Summer Tropical Annual from Seed.

When choosing annuals for Summer planter display or to add extra drama, to tired perennial borders, consider a plant’s maintenance needs and select plants that do not require dead-heading, can tolerate drought, and will flower all Summer. A tall order for those sun-loving annuals that will add a tropical feel during the hottest months of Summer.

There are a small group of over-performing annuals that I simply would not be without, many are native to North or South America and a few naturalized from Europe. One such annual is Spider Flower Cleome – Pink – Pale Pink or White strains of the dwarf maxing out at around 4ft or for the bold and the brave chose the 6ft+ tropical garden full-size annual Cleome.

Spider flower is a fine example of an annual that you can direct sow or start on a windowsill indoors to fill those gaps and extend your gardens flowering season right through Summer. Indispensable in full Sun gardens I favor the dwarf selection of pale pink to white delicate flowers these are a good fit for small or large gardens and can even be used in containers for that Summer wow factor.

Sow with grasses, bee balm, phlox and other early/mid Summer flowering natives why not try some for yourself and perhaps gift some to a friend.

A well thought out garden requires some pre-planning I offer a selection of annual and tropical seeds that are guaranteed perform quickly, fill in those gaps and provide additional interest once your perennials have gone dormant or simply finished flowering.

iGrowHort Top Tips: Summer Annuals.

Cleome – Spider Flower a must for every full sun garden this Summer.

Type: Annual – sets seed easily for years of pretty pink flowers, collect a few seeds each year just in case.

Height: 3ft – 4ft no need to stake this plant has a branched habit and will sprawl amongst grasses and native perennials/annuals.

Attracts: Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and gasps from visitors to your garden.

Light: Full Sun/ Enjoys a little part shade at the hottest times of the day, you will notice the flowers fade in direct sun and refresh by evening.

Water: Moderate to dry, prefers poor soil do not over feed.

Grow: Sow seeds directly in fall or stratify in a veg drawer of a fridge for 12 weeks as they require a cold spell to break seed dormancy – germinates easily seeds may require some protection in Spring.

Gardening with nature, uses native perennials and annuals to achieve a wild flower haven for birds, bees and butterflies.

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