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Whether you’re a Professional horticulturist like me or hobby gardener, or perhaps you just starting a life time journey as a student of horticulture and you’re in need of some guidance and support?

One thing I have learnt during the last 30 years as a Head Gardener, is that we are a jolly lot, easy-going, happy in our role as caretaker to all that nature intended. Willing to share our experience with anyone that cares to listen.

Tending to our crops, maintaining our gardens, lawns and hedges, a job filled with satisfaction, a days work that is handsomely rewarded no matter how hard we toil to achieve our goals as we garden month by month, season by season. Gardeners like farmers enjoy working the soil, tilling the surface to make it habitable to grow a range of crops, plants and harvest it for others to enjoy.

Selfless and giving, caring and kind-hearted that’s how I describe every gardener I have ever meet! These are traits that I recognise and cherish from the humble gardener whose love of nature and plants, affords a gentle heart and a long rewarding, healthy outdoor career.

Interested in a rewarding career in Horticulture? Here’s a few suggestions on how you can guarantee success in finding, being selected and securing your next garden job interview.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. june conroy says:

    Hello, I recently bought some Astrantia “Shaggy” seeds from you & you advised full cultural instructions were available on website. Please advise where I can find these.
    Regards Ju ne


    1. growhort says:

      Thanks for dropping by here is the link you require, growing from seed instructions and information about Astrantia “Shaggy’ from our 99p seed selection. Many Thanks 🙂


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