Family Gardening

I believe Gardening can improve your health, wealth and vitality, Get gardening this Spring to improve you and your families health, I advocate spending at least an hour tending to your indoor or outdoor garden everyday!

I believe we all have an obligation to share life’s experience to help other’s, live a full and rewarding life.  The social influence is changing how people garden. It’s encouraging a nation to grow but better still it is gardening that is at the core of health issues as vegetables and fruit feature as disease fighting abilites rowing Social

Sharing a social passion for gardening in all it’s colours. A Plant-Based approach to growing with your Family is about health, diet and sharing a passion that will grow to heal. I feel incredibly humbled to have spent a career in horticulture, I have fought the elements as the Polish winds blew and a few years later as the heat of the Greek Summer’s Sun challenged my gardening staying power.

I have worked in some amazing private gardens of the British Isles from capital city gardens of Chelsea London to the stunning views from the cliffside side villa’s  of the garden Island of Corfu,

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