Sow Native Milkweed and Save the Monarch Butterfly

Encouraging pollinators into our garden and outdoor spaces and providing them the habitat to feed and flourish has become as popular as planting native wild flowers, trees and shrubs. Both great news for dwindling numbers of pollinators, bees and Monarch butterflies in-particular but also for the environment, our towns and cities and it’s growing community.

Native Rose Pink Milkweed for example attract’s Bees, Butterflies and even Hummingbirds making it a great addition to the garden for nature lovers. The rusty pink flushed flowers are quick to appear on-top stout upright herbaceous rigid stems that can be cut down late fall.
Since the Rose Milkweed seeds itself freely you can be sure of plenty of young plants to share around your own garden, gift to neighbors or share with friends. Seed bombing has become a popular pastime and the Milkweed would be a good example of plant that will quickly populate an area with moisture retentive soil where waste ground is left, or where sidewalks go uncut.
I love wildflowers and really do feel as a community we really should be doing much more to encourage the wildlife that make the treacherous journey into the city and make it home.
I enjoy all plants but especially native varieties that often seed themselves freely and in their attempt to populate the earth they also attract pollinators from far and wide.
Rose or Swamp Milkweed for example is a stunning fast growing woody herbaceous perennial that can survive even the harshest of NE. American winters.
Attracting Monarch butterflies from far and wide I believe Milkweed should be planted in all gardens to provide habitat for our precious butterflies and bees. The city side walks the alleyways should be full of these plants, we should be encouraging a natural environment in all our outdoor spaces.
Milkweed is also grown for ornamental gardens and seed strains can be found in oranges, yellows through to red and of varying heights and shapes. As with all garden plants caution should be taken when handling or working nearby certain poisonous plants.
Milkweed for example whilst often used after cooking should not be eaten or digested in it’s raw state!
I regularly write articles about plants that inspire me, that make me think and gasp at the joy of helping them grow and flourish. If you are interested in my gardening journey from National Trust apprentice to running operations for an Urban Landscape Specialist in Center City Philadelphia.
My seeds are home grown, my passion for gardening is real, my love of nature all home grown too! My family were farmers in Mid-Wales, loving the land, animals and country living I was lucky enough to live a childhood sheltered from the rat race of life that absorbs our days and fills our lives.



A new life in Philadelphia, a garden of my own a career growing, caring for and passionate about plants in everyday life, in food, for pleasure or to exercise growing pains.

I hope you enjoy your raising your own Milkweed seeds and I will do my best to get them posted to you as soon as possible. Sow Native Milkweed and Save the Monarch Butterfly
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