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It’s the British that made the Greek island what it is today just don’t tell the Corfianians! In reality several nationalities have helped Corfu become the garden hotspot that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to return annually to the floral isle. 
The British are just one of the nations labelled with the responsibility of clearing the island of the Oak forests that used to cover much of the island back in the 1700’s. Today mature Oak’s are protected much like the mature olive trees that followed the felling of the Oak’s, timber that was used to build boats or shipped in bulk to the mainland to furnish European carpenters with high quality timber.
Today Quercus, commonly referred to as Oak’s on the island are shadowed in comparison to their European cousins, often found growing amongst wild olive groves the acorn is often allowed to germinate on a costal ledge or amongst the mountains of Corfu that attract such a diverse flora and fauna. 
Gerrard Durrell made Corfu wildlife infamous with “My family and other animals” and sure even to this day visitors are attracted to the island with an idyllic view of day to day living on the garden island.
In-reality the island of Corfu is as diverse as any of the Greek islands I have had the pleasure of visiting. Kefalonia with its rolling hills and stunning scenery, Zante with its sandy beaches, sea turtles and stag parties. Mainland Greece too has its delights and prizes for any keen gardener or plant lover with Agaves and tropical palms growing side by side with Oleander and Eucalyptus. 
Ferries dock alongside cruise ships on the islands main port of Corfu town, a buzz with tourists, stag and hen parties and villa owners enjoying the lively town centre and boutique stores that stay open well into the evening encouraging visitors to part with their euros. 
Regular Followers of my blog will be well aware of my love affair with Greece. Having experienced gardening in Eastern Europe, Spain, USA, France, UK and Greece I can honestly say hand on heart that Corfu has to be by far my favourite location to work. Perhaps it’s the sea breeze, the high brow villas that line the costal cliffs of North East Corfu, maybe it’s the sub tropical summer climate that’s combines with the high rainfall of a mild winter on the island. 
Of course falling in Love with the island during a two week vocational holiday is one thing, compare that to living on the island 24/7 and I’m certain that logistical limitations and seasonal shutdown of seaside villages and resorts that make parts of the island almost inhabitable. 
Visitors to the island out of season are in short supply a few hardy Brits looking for a late deal hoping to experience some early spring sunshine are likely to be furnished with a few heavy showers and costal resorts with shuttered up shop fronts and Greek tavernas that eagerly await the arrival of Easter travellers that flick to the island to experience traditional Greek Easter celebrations. 

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