5 Life Changing Energy Boosting Red Fruit Berries Plant Based Diet Explored


Life Changing Energy Boosting Red Fruit Berries and why I started a Plant Based Diet that can change the way you live.

I’m quite the nomad, my gardening career has altered my surroundings, taken me on a journey and continues to enrich my life, everyday and in every way I believe I am feeling stronger, healthier and that’s largely down to my plant-based diet.

Focused and alert I owe my optimism to my roots, these days my energy and thirst for knowledge comes down to my diet and my desire to find the answers to a health diet through growing, cooking and enjoying plant-based cookery.

Having maintained and grown as a vegetarian for over 12 months now, I notice the positive influence that even one person going vegan has on those around you. Initially I found the meat free diet news to my American family and friends came as a shock and gasp, it’s taken almost 6 months but the benefits are beginning to show.

I have noticed however that a decrease in quantity of fresh fruit and berries is responsible for my lack of energy. I realized my red berry and black fruits consumption has declined, you see I am used to working amongst some amazing locations in the World with fresh fruit-growing at my side. I could often be found snacking on a handful of blackberries or raspberries, strawberries when in season and as many apples and pears as I could eat fresh from the garden.

Grabbing a handful of these 5 Energy Boosting Red Berries on a daily basis will change the way you live life, red fruit and black berries are packed full of healing antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the gut.

I began increasing my intake of fresh fruit and berries and noticed an immediate uptake of energy. Rich in vitamin C, D and many antioxidants, black or red edible soft fruit and black berries in-particular are known to reduce inflammation, reduce artery plaque and even break down carbs.

In summary increasing your consumption of the following 5 fruits will boost your energy levels, replace artificial sugars and encourage weight loss.

Blueberries are number one in antioxidant activity when compared alongside 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables, linked with cancer fighting properties, anti-aging and disease prevention. A handful of Blueberries a day really can go a long way to improving your metabolism, energy levels and retire your body’s health naturally.


Red Raspberries have long been associated with health tonic and miracle cures from Raspberry leaf tea to juices and health drinks. Red Raspberries in-particular are linked with improved digestion, healing and cancer cell fighting abilities. Adding a few fresh Red raspberries to a bowl of wholemeal oats, bran or healthy cereal of your choice, will give you the very best start packed with anti-oxidants and carb fighting properties.

Cherries are largely overlooked when anti-oxidants and cancer fighting properties are in play, however the tart cherries popularity with wild birds and wildlife is an indication that this sought after short season fruit is indeed a workhorse when it comes to cancer fighting properties, fat busting, sleep inducing powers that eat in small handfuls on a regular basis really can improve your aches and pains.

Blackberries are rich in Vitamin C and fiber, reducing the risks of certain cancers. Blackberries low calories, carbohydrates and zero fat, popular low carb and low-calorie organic fruit perfect for that plant-based diet. Freely available in temperate climbs, where blackberries scramble over hedgerows and create thickets that spring into life, with delicate flowers loved by pollinators and fruit adorned by wildlife, hunter gatherers and foragers.



Strawberries the powerhouse of soft fruit, readily grown on commercial scale to provide fresh red fruits to a worldwide marketplace. Our hunter gatherer relatives of old, will of had to travel migrate far and wide to stumble upon and gather wild strawberries, small and firm in comparison today’s hybridised varieties of strawberries. Wild strawberries along with blackberries, blueberries and wild raspberries are today grown, harvested and shipped from all corners of the globe to provide a stream of fresh fruit to our supermarket shelves are packed with anti-oxidants and a host of micro-nutrients that attack free radicals and may even have disease fighting powers as part of a healthy plant-based diet.


Fresh is of-course best and if like me you were lucky enough to grow up with fresh fruit on your doorstep, then enjoy responsibly. Learn to listen to your body, something many of us have forgotten how to do, instead relying on Doctor’s to prescribe temp quick fixes that frankly do more harm than good! Before you ditch the meds and aim for a plant food diet rich in fresh fruit and red berries, take some time to think about balance! balance in life, balance in activity, balance in the food you eat.

Suddenly eating handfuls of fruit at every junction will give you the energy you lack but for a long-term cure and improvements to your families general health. Less is more and a selection of fresh fruit throughout the day, balanced with whole foods, dairy free organic products and a little of what you enjoy, giving your body time to adjust to the influx of plant-based foods, allowing natural foods to repair the harm caused by dangerous levels of chemicals in our growing bodies.

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