How to Make Juice Concentrate for Natural Flavoring.

If a desire for sweet tasting baked and candy cane sugar treats is teasing your will power, then surely switching some of the less flavored ingredients for healthy ones, has got to be a viable option.

I needed a natural juice concentrate for color and flavor instead of having to rely on artificial coloring and preservatives so I decided to try making juice concentrate at home.

I wanted a natural juice flavor for a range of juice flavored gummies or candy lollipop’s I make for friends. After a little research I realised I could be making my own juices from fresh juice squeezed, using fruit kept at room temperture for best results.

My only problem was the excess water content needed removing and as I couldn’t heat nor would I want to dry ice it. I opted to freeze it overnight and at room temperture the following day, place the frozen block of juice in a funnel and allow to drain into a jug or jar.

After a few hours the colour or concentrate will begin draining away from the ice leaving a colourless ice block that can be removed once the majority of the jucie concentrate has drained.

This concentrate can be frozen several times and works well with all fruit juices and natural fruit mixes.

I have tried this method with Sour Cherry, Oranges, Pineapple and Mango and it works well. Once I have the reduced concentrate I fill an ice-tray with the juice and keep frozen until needed in a candy or gummy sweets, simple dropping the ice-cube in just as the sugar candy is removed from the heat or when you baking recipe calls for colouring or flavors.

A zesty word of warning whilst lemon and lime juices freeze well Orange when frozen can become quite bitter. Try freezing on a high setting and avoid storing frozen orange juice for too long.

Mixologist’s have well documented the use of fresh juices and natural concentrates in bartending and cocktails where the oils from the rinds are added to futher intesify the flavor and in some cases a syrup is muddled to extract a strong citrus taste.

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  1. OMG these pictures of juices are so tempting. I too donot like the dilated juices as the original taste is not the same if we add water.
    Now, I will be concentrating juices myself.
    Will be following”avoid storing frozen orange juice for too long.”

  2. I also don’t like the extra dilute juice because the actual taste gets suppressed that way..So, your ideas of concentrating juice while not compromising its nutritious contents and taste are really useful..thanks for sharing..

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