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Gardening was never a factor in my youth other than watching my Grandmother bent over (Mooning half the neighborhood) weeding. I do remember asking her about the “Lilly of the Valley” and Tulips (Tulips are by far my all time favorite flower). I wanted to know if we could grow them all year around. My Grandmother laughed and explained to me how flowers and vegetation work and how each season produced different flowers. I never had a chance to thank her so I’ll take this moment to say Thank you Babciu (Grandmother in Polish!

It turns out cannabis was the first plant seed I’d ever sown. It was in my grandmother’s garden to the point of flowering. I was 16 and the Police called at the gate of our property in Poland and asked my mother, “If she knew she had a cannabis plant growing in her front garden?” My mother still talks about it to this day.

Cannabis has always been a part of my life. A while before I started using it for Medical and CBD Oil purposes. Marijuana help with my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms immensely. It subsides my tremors, dyskinesia, bradykinesia, dystonia…etc.

In 2009 I moved to the Rolling hills of Wales to be with my husband, we were literally starting our life together. I agreed to work with Stephen in his profession which was garden design and gardening. As many times as I moaned and complained about my back, I would actually come home with the feeling of satisfaction of fulfillment.  We had accomplished something new,  we made someone’s garden shine (even though it was in the U.K. and it’s always raining) after a few days work, sometimes after several days work on the same garden. The appreciation from happy after a hard days work made it worth the while.

So my surroundings changed completely from “Concrete Jungle” (Philadelphia) to the rural rolling hills of Wales.  I mean, fall asleep to complete utter quiet with the occasional sheep in the background. That took a while to get used to, I must admit. I look back at that time in my life a think to myself, there was no place I’d rather be at that time in my life.

My husband Stephen spoiled me continusly and for the first two weeks there lot’s of family and friends to meet, plus the local villagers and my head was spinning. Two weeks of heaven (I do love to socialise) had past and it was time to slowly introduce me to my new career as a Head Gardeners “apprentice”.

The first job Stephen had me do was rake moss off a patch of grass (not fun).  At that point, I did what I was told and then after visiting a few regular clients, it became second nature. I started identifying flowers, pruning (my favorite job) planting and raking lawns etc.

I’m a people person so I loved chatting with the clients, often client’s turned into friend’s and even attended our Fairytale Castle Wedding. It has always been important to me having the growth potential from trusted client to loyal friend.

Unfortunately, my Parkinson’s prevented me from working with my husband for very long. As time went on the disease progressed and I couldn’t manipulate my right hand and sometimes my arm would tremor too. We both decided that Stephen should move on with his career, he was keen to secure a role as Head Gardener and find a country lodge for us to live in. (I wanted to support my partner at the time anyway I could) and I would focus on fighting my Parkinson’s Disease. I was determined to fight Parkinson’s which I knew would involve a complete lifestyle adjustment, I gained soliace with the knowledge that my fight against Parkinson’s will eventually, one-day enable me/us to reconnect and  garden together again.

I started researching Parkinson’s Disease (while I was on three different medications/chemicals) and stumbled upon a video where a Severe Parkinson’s patient couldn’t keep still, his whole body was tremouring. A medical marijuana doctor was present and administered THC Oil sublingually (underneath the tongue). Within two minutes and forty-five seconds his whole body stopped tremouring, he was able to talk, walk and even developed an appetite.

“That video was a blessing in disguise and would change the way I feel about Medical Marijuana forever.”

One visit to stay with Stephen, we were based in United Kingdom (Outskirts of London) at the time and didn’t know many people so, I had no one to ask where to get Medical Quality Marijuana strains. One person came to mind, my barber. It turned out he knew a guy who knew a guy who had proper quality cannabis. We met, talked and I explained to him I had Parkinson’s  and was looking for something to relax my body as well as reduce my anxiety levels. He proposed a Sativa (Lemon Haze) for the daytime and an Indica for Indica (UK Cheese) for late evenings and nights.

Once again, I started to research (Listening to Redman’s 2014 mixtape helped a lot as well Hip-Hop fans know what I mean) different types of indica plant stains as well as different types of Sativa plant strains and was able to get ahold of them and experience the effect and medial benefits first hand. The only negative Side effects were dry mouth and/or dry eyes. Seriously? Not a problem at all!

I have always always been a marijuana advocate, however, much of the time I had no idea what I was smoking. Back in the 90s when Phillies Blunts came out on the scene then Dutch Masters Cigars of course. Well, to be 100% honest the marijuana was way lower quality mixed in with seeds and stems and it was Mexican Sensimillia bud if you got lucky or the hydroponically grown herb, however, we were stuck with either Mexican Sensimillia or neighborhood back yard boogie. I’m rather getting off the topic. See you can imagine I was in awe when I had a steady supply of medical Quality marijuana.

Medical marijuana is not all about getting high and spacing out there are Products such as CBD oil which I will feature in an upcoming post. Honestly, it was cannabis that started me gardening again. I started growing my own and using all aspects of the plants for butter, tincture and the flowers of course.

I invite you on a journey with me, better yet step into my shoes for just a few minutes and along with my husband we are going to show how you can make/save money gardening from home.

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“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

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