An Optimistic Christmas 1976

They say you know your child very early on, their character, their nature, I didn’t but in hindsight I do now. Optimism and positive vibes should always be encouraged when observed and my eldest certainly had both by the bushel load.

Many many years ago, it was Christmas time, hubby and I had scrimped and saved for bicycles, for our two boys.

We decided to leave them downstairs by the tree, next morning our bedroom door burst open and there was Stephen and Jonathon at the end of our bed.

Stephen said excitedly,

“Father Xmas has been, he hasn’t left us any toys, but he has left us a very nice orange in our sock”.

Oh dear sweet boy. All was well when we went downstairs of course and they un wrapped their second hand bikes, but no matter how little we had to share. We made the best of things as a Family and with such a positive attitude, at just six years old. Stephen always saw the best side of any situation as he does till this day over 40 years later.

How times have changed

An Optimistic Christmas 1976

Merry Christmas Love Pammy!

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