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Some might think odd that we would choose to open our hearts and share our personal story at this stage in our lives, others will wander in amazement at our journey, however you look at our story, please take sometime to consider our message of love, trust and faith.

Both of us were raised with religion in our lives, my partner raised devote Polish Catholic, me Church of England. We both struggled with our religious beliefs and our sexual identity from an early age. My partner raised in a vast US metropolis and me a country boy raised in a remote rural woodland hillside area of mid Wales, UK but that’s a story for us to tell as individuals these are our life experiences that enabled us to be together and share our story with you.


On meeting us I think it is fair to say that we are not what you might call a typical gay couple, we certainly don’t fit any stereotype and have no desire too. We like any other couple who have found there soul mate are very much in love and if like our friends and their families you were to spend some time with us, you would know this to be true. That said we are not gay activists and we have no intention to force our relationship on anyone. So from this point on consider us friends and make yourself comfortable or bookmark this page for later. Because Dear friend our adventure is a nod to the power of positive healing of plants, people and discovering who your friends really are.

Dear Friends; I will no longer underestimate the power of friendship!

Friends, however, have come and gone throughout my life, and as mobile phones and social networking were just mere ideas whilst I was in university, I like many others lost touch with friends as we moved on with our own lives, that is until I meet Robert!

Robert and I met by sheer chance and good fortune on Facebook! Okay, maybe not so unusual now but as both of us had very few friends on Facebook and only been on the networking site for a few months to start chatting and building a relationship 3000 miles apart was not to put it lightly bizarre.

People often ask us how we came to talk and what made us move forward with our relationship in the early days and I suppose the answer is destiny, we were simply meant to be together everything in our colourful lives prior to the meeting was preparation for our lives together as one.

When I first got the request for friendship I thought, “okay maybe a few new friends could not hurt” and on browsing Roberts profile photo’s on Facebook, I suddenly had a wave of admiration for this guy, who so obviously loved his friends and family, believe me when I say neither of which are in short supply. Still almost 9 years later I am amazed at Roberts ability to communicate and engage even a complete strangers attention and ultimately gain their trust and friendship astounds me.

Sometimes I like to just sit and watch my future husband just to see him interact with people. Robert connects with people of all ages, and this always reminds me of the reason for falling so madly in love with this guy from day one.




I recall looking through Roberts Facebook profile pictures back in Nov 2008 and getting an overwhelming feeling that friends not only featured in Robert’s life but were the backbone and substances to his life and I was right, this made him incredibly attractive to me a good-looking guy in his early 30′s with so many good friends I knew this man had a warm heart and I wanted to know more.

Whilst this observation took approx a few minutes to assess, Robert simply saw my profile photo of me holding a black cat and decide to get in touch. Might you ask? Why did I accept this strangers friend request coincidence really being new to Facebook and very close with my sister we would compare friend numbers and it became a challenge to have most friends, Robert’s request was not unusual but the following 6 months of blossoming relationship was a huge surprise to me and even today nearly 9 years later I often stop in amazement of our relationship and what we can achieve.




Meeting for the First Time in Philadelphia airport we were so nervous at yet already so in love a strange combination and yet a start to an amazing relationship.

That said things moved very quickly and like clockwork, for us, we declared our love for each other after spending hours on Skype and the phone often sat talking until 3-4am UK time while it was only 10 pm in the US. Did we spend 6 months communicating this way and the result? an amazing bond of trust and enlightenment we knew everything thing about our pasts our family our friends, we knew we had the same shoe sizes and can wear each other’s clothes even though we had never met.

One highlight I would love to share was our first Valentine’s day together (well almost) remember we still had not met or kissed or hugged, just endless hours of talk. Valentine day 2009 fast approaching we decided to cook together via Skype. We prepared the same Italian dish and ate by candlelight as if we were in the same room the most amazing experience and one I shall cherish forever.

So fast forward almost 10 years and you will find us together, we are enjoying some time to reconnect our relationship. Having spent 7 months apart as I completed my position as Head Gardener for a country Estate in the UK, we are making our house a home and in an attempt to keep in touch with as many family and friends as possible we have decided to amalgamate our stories.

There’s always room for more friends in our lives, we have many and from every corner of the World, we have lived 90% of our relationship a few thousand miles apart and now finally reunited we are on a path to reaching out helping as many people as possible continue the journey with us.

I hope you enjoyed an insight into our adventure, we area soppy love-struck pair of guys, who face life’s challenges head-on with a smile and a welcome hug, we love nature, gardening, keeping fit, healthy eating and fighting Parkinson’s Disease and advocates for change, make sure you follow our blog, it’s made for you.

As I write I have a view of the ever-changing skyline City of Philadelphia, it’s beautiful and all but I’m Missing Trees.



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“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

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