Fall Begins with a Warm New Jersey Welcome 

A week in Philadelphia spent adjusting to my new city scape surroundings and reconnecting with old friends, whilst enjoying the arrival of rustic shades of fall.

Even though it’s been over seven years since my last USA trip re-visiting friends and a newly extended American family, it feels like I never left. The excitement of arriving in the USA this week was further enhanced with a trip to New Jersey to stay with friends for the weekend.

The following photographs are just a few of the highlights of a fun-filled for weekend spent in Monroeville, New Jersey.


Fall decor and arrangements furnish this beautiful ranch-style home in New Jersey one of my favourite areas to visit.


Heavy laden apple trees soya beans, pumpkin and sweetcorn line the hedge free roadside further enhancing the signs of autumn.

pumpkins-roadside igrowhort

A trip to New Jersey’s Amish market a shopping cart filled with organic fresh produce, fall flavoured Pecan cream doughnuts and a Pumpkin spice milkshake.

pumkin spice milkshake igrowhort

Sun loving Canna lilies and morning glory, proving that fall flowers can last throughout October.



Freshly picked peppers for the grill and organic basket to take Home to Philadelphia for some spicy omelette and freezing the surplus peppers for use in the winter months.


Autumn brings a change in the seasons birds and bugs, deers rutting and wild turkeys widening their hunt for food. Turkey Vultures soaring overhead in search of road kill and rodents. Asian stink bugs and hornets looking for the perfect place to hibernate even though the day temperatures are decidedly Summer like.

turkey-vulture-new jersey igrowhort

A new swimming pool liner and picket fence installed since my last visit making this New Jersey ranch style home and rural farmland location, a favourite break away from the bright city lights of Philadelphia.


Fortunate to catch the last open pool weekend to enjoy the warm autumn sun with temperatures in the low 80s reminiscent of a rare glimpse of a British summer.


A refreshing dip followed by target practice and quad bike riding through the woods made this for weekend in New Jersey one to remember.

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