Butterfly Joe Pye Weed – Eutrochium purpureum

Fast growing and invasive Pye Weed is a tough back of a deep border filled with vigorous perennials it seems to prefer a free draining soil that retains moisture. Growing well along fast growing Helenium, Monarda, Anthemis and Eryngiums a combination that has the added benefit of flowering from Summer lasting late into fall.


During hot Summers the large leaves often wilt as the plant struggles to maintain the water intake required to follow the burning suns rays, so planting in partial shade will keep the herbaceous perennial in good condition.


Day and night-time pollinators love Pye Weed, the large flower panicles often alive with a buzz of bees, butterflies that appear to swarm the flowers.

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  1. Great to know, thanks for the heads up. At the moment it’s closest neighbours are Veronica and Miscanthus. It did seem to come from nowhere this year into quite a big plant. I really like it and it fills the space with interest, however if I know it can get out of hand I’ll have to make sure I keep it under control a bit.

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