Climber of the month – August – Clematis tangutica ‘Bill McKenzie’

When I think of climbing plants Clematis is the first plant that comes to mind, having so many forms, the Clematis rivals the English Rose.

I chose Clematis tangutica ‘Bill McKenzie’ as Climber of August due to the success achieved from planting three of these fast growing Summer flowering clematis early this year.

I have worked with this fast twining climber that requires support to climb on several occasions and always been very happy with it’s performance. Clematis tangutica is in itself an unusual colour a large leap from the typical purple to pinks, blues to mauve spectrum of the popular climber.

C. tangutica ‘Bill MacKenzie is a selected culitvar that out surpasses its smaller flowered deritive. Clematis tangutica ‘Bill McKensie’ is a fine cultivar of popular species of C. tangutuca group. It’s large leaflike shape of the spongy lemon yellow, almost sculptured sepals, that unite to form hanging bells, full of chocolate coloured anther’s and lemon pistils, attracting foraging pollinators from far and wide.


Selecting large plants on a small bamboo frame, I paid around £20 per plant. Clematis can vary in price from £1.99 for a rooted cutting from your local supermarket to £100 plus for specimens in flower on a large growing frame.


Specialist Clematis nurseries offer a huge selection of this popular climbing perennial with over 300 species and 80 varieties gaining the RHS Award of Merit.


With new varieties or cultivars of Clematis being discovered and developed everyday, we can except more interesting colours in the future. Did you know with clever planning you can plant a  Clematis for every season

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Stephen Pryce-Lea

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