Glory of the multi-coloured Vine

Fast growing climbers, vines and wall shrubs are always going to be in demand! Perfect for temporary screening or to add a glorious splash of colour to a drab wall, pergola or Eifel Tower growing frame.


Morning glory related to the common bindweed is a tropical relative that thrives in a full sun, poor soil location and other than the occasional tying in requires very little attention.


Easily raised from seed you can choose from a multi-coloured selection of large trumpet flowers or for a subtle effect choose a single colour to suit your scheme.


Morning glory is an annual climber that can reach up to ten feet in a single season, making it ideal for covering an unsightly wall or creating some garden privacy.

Plant Ipomoea through a wall climbing shrub or tree and be rewarded with a show of trumpet flowers open with the morning sun.


The plant family of the morning glory is Convolvulaceae which boasts over sixty genus and over fifteen hundred species of soft stemmed climbing or sprawling vines, plus the odd tree and shrub. However the plant family is in transit as botanists currently unravel the plant family classification to restablish order amongst a complicated plant group.


Easily identified by trumpet like flowers that last little more than a day, native species of morning glory are often invasive weeds not unlike the white trumpets of bindweed a Convolvulus commonly seen growing on hedge lines and fences across the UK.


Brightly coloured trumpet vines held high on roadside trees and scrubland is a common site across much of Europe, Asia and tropical regions of the USA. These persistent smoothing type of native vines in a whole host of colours from the deep purple of Pennsylvania to the wine red of Greece.


Named varieties have made the morning glory one of the most popular fast growing annual climbers. Seed companies tout a wide range of strains and colour mixes that are sure to delight; Ipomoea purpurea ‘Crimson Rambler’ wine red trumpet flowers with a pure white throat or ‘Star of Velta’ or even ‘Milky Way’ a white with mauve splashes.


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