Plant Food Diet Plan to Grow your own families health.

Have you considered providing for your families health through nutritional plant foods instead of relying on processed foods enriched by vitamin supplements that provide basic nutrition at best?

I have fully embraced a vegetarian diet since the New Year, futhermore I have largely accepted a plant based diet. Follow my plant food diet journey as I find reason, rhyme and recipes for achieving better physique, increased energy levels and improved memory retention.

Greater awareness and understanding of the effect of feeding processed foods and dangerous packaging, leading to dietary caution as we reject products laden with additives and preservatives, flavour enhancers and colouring.

This shift is led by the desire to control our families health and fitness and shunning the help of large corporate companies who like to tell us what we should be eating.

I only hope the future will see reduced chemical usage policies to further advance the quality of fruit and vegetables shipped in from every corner of the World. But even these chemicals can easily be washed from the fruit and vegetables we buy.

Next time your in the supermarket take a look at the pre packed vegetable isle and note where your fruit and veg have been flown in from.

Your families health is in your hands, these days you can influence your menu choices with a simply shift towards a plant food diet.

Try removing a little of the unhealthy processed foods which are full of addidtives that hinder our bodies health. Instead prepare a selection of fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds which will directly improve the amount of nutrients your family consume at every meal.

I first became interested in a plant food diet whilst planning and growing a all year round selection of organic fruit and vegetables as Head Gardener for a prestigious Cheshire country estate.

Growing a large range of organic vegetables from seed is a highly rewarding challenge, entrusted with a large walled garden, heated glasshouse and traditional potting shed at my disposal.

Plant food diet or vegan removes all but the plant kingdom from our diets. No dairy, eggs or meat, no fish.

Removing the non plant food from your diet is no easy task and should not be attempted overnight. Instead I decided to gradually increase the quantity of vegetables I ate.

I vowed not to buy any more meat or fish. I thought I’d miss bacon in a BLT or Sausage Sunday as a treat. In-fact the opposite was true my sense of smell and taste changed. Meat I guess like smoke to an ex-smoker became unpleasant to smell cooked or uncooked.

In-fact I hurry past the meat isle to avoid the sight, it’s not that I’m precious I’m a muscular toned type of guy with a shaved head. I just happen to prefer a vegetarian diet and loving the challenge it brings.

Saving money and improving my health weighed a balance on this huge lifestyle change. Especially since not 12 months ago I was taking lambs to slaughter and cattle to be butchered.

My role as estate manager meant I was rewarded with both organic lamb and beef cuts throughout the year. Having to buy meat from a supermarket sweating in plastic packing was a turning point in my decision to ditch meat.

Raised on a small dairy farm, fresh full cream milk was on tap this I believe led to my lactose intolerance. My bowel movements erratic and acid reflux from time to time meant that almond or coconut milk were my only choices.

The cheese I’m finding a little more difficult to refrain from! I only buy goats cheese and an occasional cottage cheese.

An abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs at my disposal meant that my shopping bill was halved and yet lost a few pounds.

My muscles became defined my veins began to show, I felt my tendons strain and my muscles grow, I dug, mulched and weeded my way to good health.

I plan to cover the following topics and the links will become live as they are published. I hope you enjoy following my journey and perhaps you will consider increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables your growing family eat?

Grow your own organic fruit and vegetables.

Foraging – Herbs, fruit, berries, edible leaves and flowers, roots, seeds and nuts.

Fresh herbs, seeds and nuts

Succesional sowing and planning

Cultural techniques for reduced infestations of pests and diseases therefore inmproving yield.

Your not just a ugly vegetable to me!

Plant food diet recipes

Money saving

Plant Food Diet Plan to Grow your own families health.


“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.


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