Perfectly Pink Peony’s, White Foxtail Lillies a touch of Lilac – Flowers to invite the Summer home.

Perfecting a cut-flower garden requires lot’s of planning, include easy to grow perennials that are guaranteed to perform. Plant a selection of perfectly pink Peony’s for a palette of frills, White Foxtail Lillies, Granny’s bonnets, Sweet rocket and first flush Roses. – Just a few of the Flowers available to invite the Summer into your home.

best paenio photos

A romantic pink Peony bouquet, a selection of frills, swirls and feathering that make this hardy perennial both a fabulous herbaceous border plant and a good cut flower.

dinner plate peony

Enormous 7″ flowers on this aptly named Paeonia lactifolia ‘Dinner Plate’ this season has seen an abundance of blooms on the Peonies grown for cut flowers.

best garden photos

Towering white Foxtail lilies, delicate pink climbing rose both flowers that can be cut for indoor displays and enjoyed with the backdrop of a thatched cottage in Cheshire! A touch of perfection in an English country garden.


Delightful #Dahlia ‘Bishop of Leicester’ candy-stripes of #Pink and #lavender aloft crimson black foliage.

aquilegia cut flower

Aquilegia in a host of colours, shapes and sizes are a short-lived yet worthy cut flower for a cottage garden bouquet. Here enjoying the full Sun in our cut #flower  English #garden

melianthus allium

Silver feathered like #foliage of Melianthus a perfect backdrop for #Allium ‘Globemaster’ often your garden can inspire your next flower arrangement idea.

cut flowers

lavender love

Oleria the Daisy bush makes a great centre piece for a simple arrangement, filled with scented sweet rocket and white Allium. Tranquility, purity, devotion and love symbolised with flowers in White, Lilac, Lavender and mauve.


I enjoy assembling floral displays in arrangements but my true passion is designing and arranging plants on a larger scale, the featured four parterre beds have gone through some dramatic changes of the last few years, from a box edged formal parterre to a mixed small tree and tropical shrub bed, to today’s romanticized attempt at a Gertrude Jekyll inspired masterpiece.

Selecting colours, tones and shades that complement and contrast, I removed the large shrubs that were dominating the borders and instead focused on long flowering perennials that blend well with grasses and groundcover edging.


Picking simply tonal variations, like the veins on Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ and the silver matt finish on the stems of Dianthus ‘Romance’ combined to highlight the chosen plants characteristics.

Florists and Gardeners alike look for this combination when selecting flowers to use in an arrangement or choosing plants for a garden design. Taking the design elements  further by matching the vivid pinks ripples in the carnation flowers and the dainty magenta blooms of Geranium ‘Patricia’, then mixing it up with the softer pink of Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ to create a romantic blend of Pinks and silvers, softened with the backdrop of mauve Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’.


A rich terracotta brick wall as a sunny backdrop is a prized location for any gardener! Here the wall is furnished with a vigorous perennial sweet pea that provides a stunning canvas for a wealth of colours to contrast and blend with. Try Knautia in pastel shades, Iris germanica, Alliums, Foxgloves and Delphiniums will all add height, colour and seasonal interest.



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Stephen Pryce-Lea

Head Gardener and International Horticultural Consulatant




“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.


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