Be still my Bleeding Heart – A love for Dicentra never skips a beat.

I still recall my first glimpse of a bleeding heart, the delicate fragile unfurling of fresh, almost juicy stems enthralled me as a teenager. I remember watching with delight as the Dicentra grew as day by day into a magnificant arching stem of rich crimson red that, pumped colour to the forming heart shaped flower buds.

Lamprocapnos spectablis monotypic genus previously Dicentra spectablis.

Be still my Bleeding Heart – My love for Dicentra never skips a beat, every Spring I love the arrival of Dicentra as it transports me back in time to when my Nan would encourage my interest in her garden.

dicentra spectablis

Lamprocapnos spectablis as with most Dicentra prefer dappled shade to protect them from the heat of early Sping sunshine. Mositure retentive soil is essential to prolong the lush leafy growth and subsquent flowering.


The form ‘Alba’ has bright green stems and foliage and pure virgin white heart shaped flowers, that dance even in the slightest of breeze. Plant with Pulmonaria, Euphorbia polychroma and Spring flowering bulbs for a shady haven in your garden.


Planting white flowering plants and variegated or speckled foliage in the shade will lift and lighten a dark coner of your garden. Try combining Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst White’ with evergreen ferns, snowdrops and Lamprocapnos spectablis ‘Alba’

If your looking for something with more colour and the same shape and form as Lamprocapnos spectablis then try the variety ‘Goldheart’. A fine specimen of bleeding heart that has rich golden yellow foliage contrating against the vivid pink bleeding hearts.

dicentra formosaDicentra_eximiadicentra

There are Dicentra’s for everyone, from large arching stems of heart shaped flower filled blooms to neat mounds of frilly silverised foliage that make the perfect backdrop for clusters of delicate bells.

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