Make Gardening your drug of choice 

Choose Gardening as a hobby or a career and it will wake you in the early hours, it will even put you to sleep at night, it will help keep you fit, motovated and it’s addiction will give you daily purpose.

Gardening is nature’s drug, it makes your pulse race and heart beat faster! But be careful how you use it, once you start there’s no stopping. It will feature in everything you do!


You will breath the fresh air, absorb the early morning dew, smell the new flowers and eat the fresh produce, you and your family will live the gardening dream.  Incorporating fresh food and vegetables that you have grown yourself into your family’s diet is incredibly rewarding.

Not only do you get to eat nutritious vegetables you also get to share the activity of growing  harvesting and preparing the vegetables at home. Inviting friends round for a meal or sharing surplus produce with your friends and family is a great way to share your love of vegetable growing and gardening.

Sharing your enthusiam is addictive, neighbours will become friends again and an interest will grow. A trip to the garden centre togther a coffee shared admiring each others handy work. A chat with a  fellow allotmenter, all these community building actions are a direct result of your initial interest in gardening!

Share a few extra seeds sown to neighbours to brighten up that corner over the fence. A few wild flowers ‘seed bombed’ on the verges outside your home. Fresh produce for your family and a meal for a good friend with produce harvested from your own garden.

You will find yourself more observant and focused, noticing plants as you go about your day.  Much like running your home, you will start planning your day around garden tasks.

In-fact you will probably need to employ a cleaner to give you more time in the garden, because let’s be honest who wants to employee a gardener when you can get so much pleasure from doing it yourself.

The seasons become more apparent your focus will be on the weather the climate and enviromental issues, recycling will have new meaning and a love of nature will aspire. Your enthusiasm for gardening will become infectious you will share your drug of choice with your neighbours friends and family you maven find yourself talking to complete strangers about your passion.


Your enthusiasm for gardening will become infectious you will share your drug of choice with your neighbours friends and family you maven find yourself talking to complete strangers about your passion.

Gardening is an interest  that’s shared why not get involved with local community gardening groups visit your local gardens on show garden centres and plant National Garden scheme  Open gardens near you.

Does this mean that those of us who live, breath and dream about plants are in fact addicted to gardening? I’m afraid so and it’s catching, the enthusiam for gardening is willingly shared amongst addicts. Attending flower shows, parks and gardens will replace the trips to the Mall.

Instead of designer labels your purchases will be plant based as your addiction grows so will your garden as you learn to cherish its development.

Patience and forgiveness will find you as you learn to adapt to the seasons and plants natural growth rates, accepting natural losses that are often beyond your control.

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Stephen Pryce-Lea

Head Gardener and International Horticultural Consulatant




“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.


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