Spring Garden flowers on the edge of the Cheshire plains


Blue skies and heavenly scent from Daphne in full flower not bad start to a Monday morning in early spring. I invite you on a journey with me as I guide you through a garden filled with seasonal flowers, let’s start with spring.


#Daffodils represented chivalry during the Victorian era, today that are a symbol of hope and who can resist the cherry charm that the first golden drift of daffodils bring.


A warm sunny week in the #garden has resulted in an abundance of #flowers for arranging, fortune and foresight has gifted us a cut flower garden filled with Spring flowering bulbs ripe for picking.


This is the 1st garden I’ve managed with acid soil Camellia, Pieris, Rhodo’s and Azaleas around every corner, someone pinch me I’m in heaven.


Magnolia’s putting on a spectacular show this #spring their beauty has astounded me, strangely  as I remember Magnolias in my last garden but never with so much presidency.


Early rhododendrons challenge the frost to a dual fortunately this mild spring has meant the hardy rhododendrons flowers are at their bed and boy, are we in for a show! Add a few mound forming purple lay blue Azalea, a splash of Chaenomeles or quince and some early flowering ground cover in the form of Bergina and Pulmonaria and we have a colourful introduction to a fresh new season.


Favourite flowers last a lifetime, my grandfather loved Red Tulips, they will always have a special place in my heart.


In almost a full circle it appears as though my life’s career is doing the rounds! I appear to have returned to a familiar pattern of red sandstone and rhododendrons. The National Trust at Powis Castle which many of you will know, is a fine example of a red stone castle built from stone carved from the Shropshire and Cheshire quarried ridges. Such as many bricks were cast this way the stone of such an historic castle was also created.

Rhododendrons in dappled shade, Magnolias and Azaleas were a big part of my apprenticeship as a flushed face teenagers full of wonderment at the world of nature and the adventure it was sure to bring.


Currently logging bulb numbers and drift patterns by taking photographs as they come into flower. This will enable us to refer to these photos in the Autumn for adding to the Spring flowering bulb display, in theory we should be able to identify the bulbs that need dividing and where we need to purchase to replace any that have rotted away below ground.


Keeping a photographic record of your garden and Its seasonal and annual development is a great way to document your progress as your garden matures. This single yellow #Tulip for example was  shared on #GardenTags as a way to remind me to plant more in the #Autumn. Shining bright amongst the Scilla ‘Spring Beauty’ a winning combination and definitely a worthy of next years display of Spring bulbs.

cornus mas

Largely underrated the Cornus mas makes a wonderful small tree or cloud pruned topiary with Spring yellow flowers and Autumn red berries. Add one to your shopping list and provide pollen for early foraging bees, moths and insects.


Spring Beauty such a perfect name for this delicate Scilla a stunning vivid blue further enhanced by the white eye make a great ground over combine with some Puschkinia and hardy geranium and hey presto.


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Stephen Pryce-Lea

Head Gardener and International Horticultural Consultant




“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.



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