12 Red Roses for a Summer of Love

A dozen Red Roses in February are synonymous with Valentines Day, however there’s much more to 12 red roses than a glasshouse of cut flower’s forced to bloom out of its natural season.


‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ a rose of luxurious rich crimson full bodied flowers, fading to purple as they age. Train as a typical climber, pruning out old wood every few years. Grow on a wall or arch for maximum effect. 

Chainti by David Austin

Paul’s Scarlet a vivid climber by David Austin

Rosa moyesii ‘Geranium”  One of my favourite with tall arching stems and blood-red flowers by David Austin

Rosa Trumpeter a compact rose with bright vermillion red flowers.


Rose ‘Crimson Rambler’ a long flowering season and abundance of crimson red blooms makes this fast growing rambler with glossy green leaves an obvious choice.

Falstaff a beautiful cupped flower overflowing with petals and heady old-fashioned scent.

L.D Braithwaite is a compact Rose that never fails to perform, large bright red flowers lasting all Summer long.


Darcey Bussell a low compact rose-bush from David Austin packs a fruity punch and an abundance of flowers throughout the summer.

Black Beauty a rich chocolately crimson Hybrid Tea roses from David Austin, free flowering and compact with a slight fragrance.

The Times Rose showy and colourful large crimsin red flowers on this floribunda make it an ideal choice for bold displys enmass.

Readers to my blog will know I have a love affair with this final collection of 12 dozen roses that grace the online catoulge of David Austin roses. Rosa ‘William Shakespeare’ is a fine compact graceful rose. It has a strong perfume scent and heavy fluted pompom blooms that fade from velvety crimson to a plumy purple, almost good enough to eat.



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