Spring flowers in a February Garden.

Some things can only be said with flowers and I don’t mean the shop bought, cellophane wrapped kind! I mean real plants in flower and at their best, even in a February Garden.

The coming of Spring is acknowledged by the arrival of the earliest of our Spring bulbs.

This week in February and we have already seen so many Spring flowers come into full bloom.

Never can I recall seeing Crocus, Snow drops, winter aconites and daffs flowering at the same time.

Snowdrops are quickly becoming an obsession of mine!

Even the forced Amaryliss and Hycainths have been enjoying the warm Spring sunshine, our walled garden provides.

This sturdy Italian terracotta pot is filled to the brim with winter interest.

Cornus mas cloud pruned Cornelian cherry burst into flower this week in February.

Spring flowers can be enjoyed indoors with the foresight of forcing bulbs into bloom for a splash of colour and some heavenly scents in your home. Amaryllis is a popular large bulb for forcing along with Hyacinths and Narcissi, Muscari and Cyclamen, an all be enjoyed ahead of their natural flowering season.

Hellebores have been flowering for ages a mild winter certainly have not deterred this handsome evergreen perennial.


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  1. So nice for me to see your spring pictures at this time of year, being here in Ontario. Is this your garden? Whoever it belongs to, it’s beautiful.


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