New Job, Historic City & Fitness Regime for a Prosperous New Year.

While you may still be adjusting to a new year full of positive resolutions? Perhaps you are also planning a new fitness regime and maybe even considering a career move. 

Many of us use the start of a new year to evaluate our career prospects, is a new job on the horizon? Wherever that new horizon maybe?

Whatever the twists and turn that life throws in our path, a healthy positive approach to each day is essential. Gardeners are blessed with a large dosing of optimism and generally a happy, relaxed yet organised approach to garden maintenance and vegetable production. 

Maintaining enthusiasm for growing is an essential element of gardening, a good scoop of passion and desire to help you jump out of bed in the morning. Excitingly grabbing a jacket and boots to check on freshly germinated seeds or a rapidly ripening harvest that needs picking, noticing a new bloom, a migrating bird or an out of place weed all become part of your day just as the morning sunrise highlights the features that make your garden a special exercise room in your home.

Keeping active into latter years is as much about lifestyle and career choices as it is about leisure time activity. Finding a balance that works for you is in my option as personal as it gets, get the balance right and you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with very little effort as long as you abide by the rules you have set for yourself. Get the mix wrong or sustain an injury or illness that prevents you from physical activity and you wil, have to re-evaluate your targets.

Running a large Estate and Gardens sure does keep you active, in addition my fitness regime includes pounding the treadmill at the gym, whereas a few years ago it was the Polish pine forest tracks and now the canal paths, castle wall around Chester and it’s famous 16 century horse races have become my latest stopping ground.

My latest career turn for example has transported me from the privileged lifestyle of the wealthy London borough village residents to the unimaginable, lavish surroundings of the Cheshire elite. An adventure which will prove to be as exciting and challenging as the dream job I reluctantly left behind as I climbed the Head Gardener career ladder.

The following photographs are a collection of scenic spots along my route taken during a mild if not rather dreary start to January 2017.


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