Garden lighting provides night-time treat for gardeners.

Come the early nights and the savvy gardener illuminates any good garden design with a built-in lighting programme. A well thought out subtle lighting system can provide evening and security garden lighting treat throughout the year.

Similarly the garden plants need for dormancy, take their lead from the subdued lighting that precedes the Autumn fall. Nature lays the path that plants and animals follow and even us gardener’s often found working from sunrise till sunset must remember to take time to treat ourselves to some rest and recuperate.

The change towards winter season that effects all living things, also signifies the need for downtime in our lives. This need not mean that our essential garden paths and costly garden features cannot be brought back to life with built-in LED garden light fittings.

The only problem this leaves is how to choose from the attractive range of in-ground garden lights that are on offer. In-ground lights provide a stylish pre considered concept of garden lighting, however from a Head gardeners point of view consider the functionality of bulb changing and the need for regular repairs.

When budgeting for garden light fittings take into account that periodic maintenance and repairs along with bulb replacement add towards all increased lighting costs.


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