Rowan a magical mountain side native that became a popular street tree.

High altitude and remote mountain ridges are the home of the Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) the native origin of this magical species. Following the latter day hybridisation of these Autumn fruiting trees, new cultivars have been raised to provide us gardeners with an array of coloured berries to adorn our gardens and city streets .


Steeped in history from classic greek mythology, describing the pinnate ash like leaves as those descended from Eagles feathers and the red berries from droplets of blood.


Next time you see a Rowan tree take a close look at the pentagram shape that that forms at the base of each of the magical blood red fruits.


Along with the Mayflower or Hawthorn and the Elder (Elderberry) the white flowers of the Rowan are associated with Goddesses and fairies.


The Celts referred to this red berried mountain ash as the Wizard tree and historically in the UK, it has been associated with warding off evil spirits with it’s blood red berries.


There’s no doubt that the hardy Rowan, has to be one of the top ten widely planted street trees in the UK.

Read more about trees for life and British trees from the Woodland trust


2 Comments Add yours

  1. They’re pretty trees, especially in the late summer and fall. I didn’t know the magical history, though!


  2. Very Interesting and Very Cool! Love Celtic History! Good Job!


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