Handpicked Sweet Peppers and Hot Chillies for lasting colour and spice. 

Hot, Spicy Chillies and sweet peppers make a multi-functional addition to your vegetable seed collection.

Sweet peppers add a nice crunch to fresh garden salads. Hot n spicy Chillies can add a kick and a splash of colour to any stir fry.

Whilst our kitchen garden and raised beds are filled with seasonal vegetables. Our orangery and glasshouse are reserved for growing under glass, as both Peppers and Chillies benefit from direct sun and a sheltered spot.

Bell peppers will require a good growing medium and plenty of space to reach maturity. Full sun and careful watering will help keep  your pepper plants healthy and free from grey mound and rot.

Decorative and easy to grow Chillies and Peppers are available from your favourite seed supplier in a variety of colour and shapes.

Winter is a great time to browse your favourite seed catalogues. This year I have chosen a range of Chillies and peppers that are guaranteed to perform and delight.

Sowing our Chillies and Peppers in early February under gentle heat allows us to establish strong growing plants by early Summer.

If you are interested in growing Peppers and Chillies for both decoration and for harvesting, then you may like my suggestions.

Peppers and Chillies
Pepper Hungarian Black x1
Pepper (Chilli) Basket Of Fire x1
Pepper Trinidad Perfume x1
Pepper Sweet Sunshine F1 x2
Pepper (Chilli) Cayenne Golden x1
Pepper Habanero Chocolate x1
Pepper (Sweet) Mavras F1 x1
Pepper Cherry Bomb x1
Pepper (Chilli) Habanero x1
Pepper (Chilli) Apache F1 x1
Pepper (Chilli) Hungarian Wax x1

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