Grow your own Summertime Raspberries 

Sweet sun ripened Raspberries have to be the ultimate Summertime soft fruit. Careful planning of early, mid and late season varieties will ensure you have fresh rich red Raspberries to pick all Summer long.

Raspberry canes are one of the easiest fruiting cane crops to grow for yourself at home. Once established the bare rooted canes planted during the dormant season are quick to develop and will be sending up fresh new fruiting canes during the first season.

Caring for Raspberry canes is generally trouble free as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Summer fruiting Raspberries can be harvested soon after the last of the Strawberries are picked enduring a continuous stream of fresh fruit from a well planned fruit cage.

Planning varieties that fruit in succession takes a little consideration but by planting the following cultivars you are sure of summer fruits for as long as the sunshines.

First to fruit is a variety called ‘Tulameen’ follow this with ‘Glen Ample’ for large fruit mid season and ‘Glen Rosa’ for an abundance of medium sized fruit and the ever popular ‘Malling Admiral’ for excellent flavour and long fruiting.

Summer fruiting Raspberry canes require thinning and removing last years woody canes during the dormant season they also need cutting back by atleast 6″ from the top of the canes.

If your interested in extending your Summer Raspberry picking fruit season even further then you might like to plant a selection of Autumn fruiting Raspberry canes.

‘Autumn Bliss’ is an August ripening Raspberry that has a great flavour and a long fruiting season. ‘Polka’ is a variety that follows on from Summer fruiting Raspberries nicely and retains a sweet aroma and a delicious fruit.

If large Autumn Raspberries are your choosing then ‘Joan J’ will fit the bill.

Yellow Raspberries will brighten up your fruit bowl and a variety called ‘Fallgold’ or ‘Golden Queen’. Purple Raspberries like ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Royalty’ are proving extremely popular and black Raspberries like ‘Black Hawk’ and ‘Jewel’ all make growing Raspberries a rewarding and entertaining pastime.


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