Grow your own wild Blackberries or thornless cultivar.

If like me childhood memories of gathering fresh blackberries from wild hedgerows remain firmly in the past.

Perhaps it’s time to revive the child in you and whilst your adult lifestyle may have found you miles away from traffic free country lanes and bridlepaths or the removal of hedgerows by stable farmers have created a shortage of wild blackberries in your local area?

Then consider growing your own rambling canes of Rubus fruiticous or Wild Blackberries.

Remember your going to need to provide lots of room and sturdy supports for your new blackberry plants. Propagating your own from a parent plant is a inexpensive route to masses of wild blackberries.


However you may decide to improve on nature and choose a blackberry cultivar that out performs the wild blackberries we have grown up with.

There are of course lots of health benefits from eating fresh blackberries.


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