Test Your Knowledge of Edible or Poisonous Mushrooms?

Learning to identify Mushrooms can only be taught by a professional. So if you are lucky enough to get an invite to go Mushroom hunting, then be sure to grab your coat and boots, basket and knife.

Picking Bolete Mushrooms

There’s nothing nicer on a sunny autumnal day than a spot of mushroom foraging.
Unfortunately, finding wild mushrooms can be a dangerous game. There are around 4000 species of fungi in Britain, over 250 of which are thought to be toxic, and around 200 people each year suffer poisoning because of them.
Mushroom experts say that you should never eat a mushroom you are unsure of, and to make sure you know how to identify the most dangerous types. They also warn that many toxic mushrooms look extremely similar to their edible cousins – and in some cases, may be growing right next to them.
Try our poisonous mushrooms quiz to see how much you know about British fungi.

Mushroom Hunters

Mushroom hunting is just one aspect of foraging and is a great way to experience the nature and all it’s beauty.

Parasol Mushrooms

Mushroom hunting is a fun pastime to share with friends and family just be sure to be well prepared and never pick anything you are unsure of.

Parasol and Bolete Mushrooms

Learn how to prepare, clean and dry mushrooms using traditional Eastern European techniques.


via Quiz: can you identify the poisonous mushrooms? – Telegraph.


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