August brings a touch of Autumn and a taste of Summer.

August teases us with signs of Autumn, providing an abundance of soft fruits and berries, seeds and ripening vegetables leaving us the taste of Summer that lingers on the tongue.

Just as we begin to enjoy the warm Summer’s breeze our senses detect signs of Autumn, all too quickly our sunshine loving perennials and bulbs begin to set seed and prepare for the forthcoming dormant season.

Stipa gigantica with tall airy golden seed heads are the first to bring a touch of Autumn, air dancing in the slightest breeze .

Golden seed heads that contrast against the fresh lush foliage of Astrantia palmate leaf are a food source for many small native Garden birds.

Pollinators like the bumble bee, moths and butterflies help spread pollen to allow the fertilisation of garden flowers to produce life giving seeds.

Attracting garden insects is an important aspect of garden management. Flying pollinators, bettles and beneficial insects are critical for successful pollination of flowers, fruit and tasty vegetables.

Bold simple flowers like this courgette attract insects to enable pollination and forming of fruiting bodies and if left to ripen seeds.

During August fruit and vegetable ripen quickly, learning the optimum time to harvest is an essential aspect of garden management.

The last of our Rhubarb is harvested, our successional beetroot have reached tennis ball size and are perfect for pickling. Our later sowings of carrot and beetroot are pressed for juicing with Septembers crop of fresh juicy apples.

Your garden is a sensory world of discovery throughout the seasons. August brings an abundance of tastes, scents and textures that are sure to delight.

There’s still plenty of colour in the garden, some plants will take a rest.

Roses will need regular dead heading to encourage further flowers to develop, where as Salvia and Astrantia like there flowering stems pruned to ground level to encourage new flower stems.

Learning how plants respond to different types of pruning and dead heading techniques is an important aspect of garden management and individual to your taste and growing conditions.

You may prefer to allow your plants to seed and enjoy the golden umbers of Autumn. However you decide to manage your garden be sure to take time to enjoy the  sensory delights experiencing the seasonal changes that the joy of managing a garden harvest brings.

Wishing you a fine, productive and rewarding Autumn harvest.


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