Six Must Have Roses for your Home and Garden. 

The beauty of the Garden Rose is a well-written verse, it is a popular subject of many a sonnet, poem or quote and unsurprisingly there are thousands of cultivars to choose from! So when it comes to selecting the best, next rose to add to your growing collection at home, instead of just relying on a family appropriate name, may I suggest a little insight?

The following six roses are my favourite, I have included the best Climbers, Dwarf Polyantha and English Roses that offer well-rounded, relatively disease resistant and free flowering alternatives for your pleasure.

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Gertrude Jekyll

A stunning scented English rose that deserves a prime location in your Garden borders or against a wall. The semi-climbing habit of this prize winning David Austin rose, allows it to benefit from the support of a wall or frame.

However, Gertrude Jekyll is sturdy enough to grow free standing either in a mixed border planted with Lavender and Nepeta or in your favourite container full of nutritious loam based compost provided by John Innes No3 and plenty of well-rotted manure. Learn more about Gertrude Jekyll here>>

Nathalie Nypels

A long flowering polyantha type china rose that provides masses of repeat blooms from late Spring through to Autumn. Ideal for planting in narrow borders where space is a premium and soil conditions are perhaps not ideal for most roses.

I find that Nathalie Nypels does suffer from a little mildew early in the season, especially around the buds before they open. Control with a weekly spray consisting of a compost tea mix with canola oil and a little washing up liquid. Find my recipe for a homemade Rose tonic and treatment here>>  Compost tea a recipe for health, wealth, vitality and fab roses.

A Shropshire Lad

Soft peachy pink flowers are introduced in three stages the right pink flushed buds followed by delicately cupped frills of petals that unfurl into large rosettes of medal winning blooms.

Very fast growing you will need a strong structure or a large wall for this handsome climbing rose. Deliciously fruity scented A Shropshire Lad is guaranteed to perform a favourite of David Austin roses who also heralded from the rolling hillside county of Shropshire.

Teasing Georgia

If you are looking for a climbing rose that is guaranteed to perform year after year and is relatively trouble free, you won’t go far wrong with Teasing Georgia. A fast growing and vigorous climbing rose that will require plenty of space to spread it long arching stems.

Disease resistant, free flowering and scented Teasing Georgia ticks all the right boxes, is great value and an all round winner. Enjoy fragrant blooms from late spring through to autumn with this RHS Award winning climbing rose by David Austin.

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Tess of the D’urbervilles

Named after the heroine of Thomas Hardy novels Tess of the D’ubervilles . This stunning climbing Rose will put on a performance when grown on an arch or wall. Like all climbing Roses best fan trained to maximise flowering potential, trained this way Tess of the D’ubervilles will flower freely through the season.

Compact growth and dark green foliage are the perfect setting for the deep crimson loosely cupped petals that create a pom pom effect with an old rose scent that cannot fail to delight. An old favourite of mine introduced by David Austin in 1998 find out more or buy one for yourself here>>>

Crocus Rose

Is a free flowering shrub rose that continues to perform all summer long, a graceful bushy lightly scented T-rose that does on occasion send out some rather long vigorous non-flowering stems.

Prune to keep compact and when dead-heading be sure to cut back the stems just far enough to encourage compact re-growth. Crocus rose starts out a delightful Apricot fading to pale cream was the colour fades in full sun. As you can see in the photo above, our Crocus roses also adopt a pinkish tinge to the flower petals but these appears variable and not in all of our example of this mighty fine shrub rose bred by David Austin.

Whilst roses are the most popular flowering shrub the World over, they do need particular care and attention. To the novice gardener, this can be quite off-putting with the likes of blackspot and mildew, greenfly and whitefly to contend with, it’s no wonder beginners are put off.

Our enlightened society is, fortunately, making a side step when it comes to chemical control of the aforementioned diseases and pests. We have come to realise that control does not have to mean total annihilation. Nowadays we can make a homemade cocktail of natural ingredients to control a whole host of diseases and pests which also has the added benefit of feeding our precious roses at the same time. Interested in reading more>>> Compost tea trials,

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