Gardeners Love Sharing – Join the Gardentags Fun.

If your one of the millions of people who love sharing your best photographs of garden plants and flowers, perhaps the latest garden project or a border you are particularly proud off? Then you will be pleased to know that the clever app called #Gardentags is giving photo apps like Instagram and Pinterest a little competition.

Complete your profile in minutes and start sharing photos fast.

Getting started on Gardentags is easy just download the app available here and set up your profile. A face picture for your profile is more inviting and will get people engaging better, write a brief description and rate your skills level and experience.

Discover new and interesting plants to add to your garden.


Connecting with Facebook and Twitter will enable you to share your pictures with your plant loving friends, you can even invite them to join in.

Notifications straight to your phone.

Sharing your favourite photos is easy and by using your mobile you can be posting them in seconds.

Need help identifying your garden plants? Then Gardentags is for you, simple take a quality photograph clearly showing the plants characteristics and request the growing plant enthuastists at Gardentags to help you name your plant.

Share your passion with others and get lot’s of lovely comments.

You can also share your latest garden projects, plant combinations and garden photos, so your guaranteed lots of fun sharing your gardening experiences when the weather won’t let you work on your own.
Once you get a few followers your probably going to want to improve your posts, perhaps start adding extra text and hashtags?

Clever task list to update you with garden reminders.

Gardentags for me is a community gardening app that allows me to share my daily pictures, my weekly updates in an organised and fun application. I am looking forward to looking back at the seasons and how the garden has develop. Being able to keep detailed logical photographs of pots and containers, colour schemes and new planted borders is bonus and something I will use regularly.

You might even be selected to be the next Spotlight gardener.

Having only been using Gardentags for a few weeks now I am addicted, my Instagram account is looking lifeless in comparison and I am finding many more gardening friends and professional contact since using this app.

Hashtags are a great way to keep unto date

If your not convinced then take a look at Gardentags reviews online it’s definitely an up and coming new phone app that taking the garden world by storm.

I hope you take this opportunity to join us and be sure to drop by and say hi @igrowhort

If your ready to take your Gardentags profile to the next level then a clever app called Layout will help you create a simple collage of photos to keep your followers engaged. Learn more here


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