Learning to love Bees in your Garden helps change perspectives

By taking the opportunity to learn more about Bees in your Garden not only will you fall in love with them and all that they do. But Bees can also help change the way you look and feel about your garden raising important environmental and ecological issues and perhaps even changing your perspectives regarding nature and worldly views.

Issues like safe use of toxic chemicals and even better their alternative home remedies for pest and disease control. Bees help us realise that we are damaging our precious ecological balance within this oh so fragile world.

I have always been interested in Bees, the six hives of Honey Bees we have on the Estate I manage as a hive of activity at the moment and we expect around 300 jars of natural honey this year. However it’s thanks to my Sister and her Husband that my interest has grown considerably over the last two weeks particularly regarding Bumble bees and the role they play in pollination. Read more about providing Bees with the tools they need to take up residence in your garden.

Encouraging different types Bees to visit your garden largely depends on the plants you choose to grow. My guide to choosing the right flowers to plant in your garden will help you attract all types of pollinators, include solitary, honey and bumble bees.

Once you have provided the optimum conditions to attract bees to pollinate your flowering fruit, flowers and vegetables then they are best left to get on with business. You will notice a steady stream of bees as they construct there breeding ground and locate a source of nectar. No need for concern as bees are short lived only this year’s queen hibernates to re-start next years brood and will probably find and construct an alternative nest.


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