How to Safely Spray Natural Remedies at Home.

Six tips for Applying Natural Remedies at Home
1: If you are spraying to control pests or prevent disease then the morning or the cool of the evening is the only time to spray.
2: Do not spray in full sun or when temps are above 26ºC or 80ºF. Your plants will scorch and have an adverse reaction (even with natural remedies) if treated during the excessive heat even water alone in full sun can damage precious leaves and plants.
3: Carry out a test on a small area of the plants leaves first. Wait 24 hours to observe any signs of damage. Proceed if there is no adverse reaction.
4: My recent trials of natural homemade remedies have proved that less is indeed more, added larger quantities do not cure the problem faster, in fact, the opposite is often true.
5: Watch out for beneficial insects and be careful not to harm them, these are a gardeners friends and will continue to control harmful pests while you carry out other important garden tasks.
6: If you’re working with homemade sprays always protect your face and exposed skin. Some of these ingredients can be irritating to your eyes, face and skin so cover up.
Interested about learning more about applying natural homemade remedies to your garden plants and trees? The my trials may be of interest to you read more >>

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