Gardening Jobs in June remains Wet, Windy and Wild.

Having spent an unusually  warm and sunny bank holiday weekend with my Family back home in Mid Wales, imagine my surprise to begin heading home, only to be greeted by wet, wild and windy weather. June has certainly not improved! Over the last few weeks we have seen heavy thundery downpours that would not appear out of place in the tropics.

As I travelled further South West the weather gradually worsened and grey skies became black. I thought to myself I should have stayed in Wales and believe me that’s not something I say (even to myself) often!

Whilst the garden may be taking an unexpected battering from blustery winds and heavy showers. The plants are happy to be receiving much-needed rainfall as us gardeners battle to keep ahead of the growth spurt brought on by the perfect growing conditions! A warm end to May was quickly followed by a wet, windy and wild start to June, well in the South East anyway.

Phoning home to check in and let Mom know I’ve arrived safely (been doing this on and off for 30 years! Bless her cotton socks) I am informed with much delight that the weather there is glorious and that my Family were all spending the day at the beach!

june east west weather divide igrowhort

Well in Hertfordshire it’s raining cats and dogs, blowing a hoolie and any other idioms I can sum up.
Back at Work the garden may be taking an unexpected battering from blustery winds and heavy showers, but the plants are happy to be receiving the much-needed rainfall leaving us gardeners to battle to keep ahead of the growt spurt brought on by the perfect conditions a warm end to May quickly followed by a wet start that June has provided.


Ligularia enjoying the fresh showers that accompany the start of June. Planting a rose coloured Astrantia nearby is a great way to further enhance the brilliant Crimson veins and underside of the Ligularia heart shaped leaves.

Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ and Aquilegia ‘Nora Barlow’ losing their delicate petals during just one of the many heavy showers.

Alliums dislike strong winds and even though we use a clever support to protect the heavy flower heads from snapping, there are still losses.

I try to leave our wildflower areas as long as possible to give the bulbs chance to die back and the wildflowers chance to set seed. Unfortunately, the weather has other ideas and since perfection is paramount we have no choice but to scythe the grass and add fortnightly mowing of these spring wildflower areas to the lawn care schedule.

Acer ‘Bloodgood’ looks mighty fine after a shower or two, let’s hope for a brighter forecast over the next few weeks. Whilst half-term in the South East has been cold, wet and windy, no doubt the sun will return as the kids head back to school. Fortunately, it leaves us Gardeners like much of us Brits, as usual complaining about the weather!




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