Geums turn Chelsea Tangerine, Scarlet and Antique Yellow.

Shaking off the pastel shades and wildflower meadows of the past, Chelsea has officially turned a corner with bright and raucous flowers in a vibrant range of colours. Thanks to my recent visit to the RHS Chelsea flower show I have gained a new appreciation, for the highly under-rated Geum.


Geum Totally Tangerine featured in many of the displays, either as an eye-catching  focal feature or a pictured above as part of a natural looking wildflower meadow.

By Jamain – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Geum Mrs Bradshaw

Geum Mrs Bradshaw a perfect addition to a modern cottage garden, with tall upright stems and stunning red frilled semi-double flowers.

Geum Beech House

The rustic orange shades of Geum ‘Beech House’ make it an ideal contender to grow alongside springtime yellow Aquilegia and lush lime green Euphorbia Polychroma.

Banana Darqui

Geum ‘Banana Daiquiri’ one of the stunning Geum bred as part of the cocktail series, showing that Geums can be fun and an exciting addition to your garden borders. The following links are a great introduction to the world of new Geum’s be sure to Google Geum‘s locally to see who’s stocking your favourites.

Geum ‘Tequila Sunrise’

Geum ‘ Mai Tai’

Geum ‘Fireball’

Geum ‘Double Bloody Mary’

Geum ‘Flames of Passion’

One thing for sure Geum’s are here to stay with new exciting varieties being bred with larger, longer lasting flowers and brighter colours we are certain to see Geum’s featured in many a future flower show.


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